Experience Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Grand Festive Flavors at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen

As s mom, I usually get asked which cooking oil I am using at home. Honestly, I love to cook also but I seldom post about it, now I should tell you that my pantry contains olive oil since time immemorial. My indispensable ingredient despite being pricey.
Mom have grown accustomed to using canola and vegetable oil as her staple oil, but I'm not sure though if those are the healthiest kind.
I cannot say I'm in my healthiest since we love eating in restaurants and we have no way of telling what oils they are using. Of course, only few have the knowledge about animal based fats and hydrogenated animal fats. All I know is olive oils are here to save the day..er..cooking.
Some may say I could slather on my skin as moisturizer but I have yet to try. The only information I got is that olive oils are antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties too.

But did you know that you cannot use Extra Virgin with high heat? It is only best used for cold food (like salad dressing or drizzling over foods).
Fortunately, supermarkets only sell Pure Olive Oil and not always the Extra Virgin.
Nowadays, it can be difficult to identify what olive oils are fake and which are genuine. There were surveys online that took place in a supermarket revealing that some of them were not really extra virgin at all. Some were filled with just a mixture of low-grade vegetable oils.
It is really best to do a little research before purchasing anything and you should only buy olive oils made by a trusted brand, like Doña Elena.
Proudly homegrown and the consistent no. one Olive Oil brand in the country over the years, Doña Elena continues to provide Filipinos the right reasons why Doña Elena Olive Oils are the perfect partner for everyday cooking.

Known for its premium quality of olives directly sourced and harvested from the farms of Andalucia, the olive tree traces back its rich history 3,500 years BC. An abundant fruit in the Mediterranean region, it’s also most-prized for its high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins.

Here are other interesting reasons on why Doña Elena is the leading and most-preferred olive oil brand in the country:

The purest and most generous blend of olives. Doña Elena Olive Oils are a combination of two types of olives, hojiblanca and picual that makes it hands down a good source of high levels of good fats and antioxidants. Since each bottle contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acids that are good for the health, the powerful olive fruit duo makes every bottle of Doña Elena olive oils a powerful concoction. Much more, since Doña Elena olive oils come from Andalucia region that reigns supreme in olive oil production, consumers are assured of its highest taste and quality.

The health attributes and richness of vitamins. With Doña Elena Olive Oil being the only oil to be obtained naturally from a fruit, it enhances the flavor of the food making it more delicious, hence renowned chefs all over the world are known for using olive oil in their dishes.  Doña Elena Olive Oil has high levels of antioxidants like polyphenols and oleic acids. It is also rich in vitamins E, K and A that helps lower bad cholesterols and acts as agent to help prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

It is the only brand that offers the most comprehensive sizes. Whether you’re a foodie, a chef, or who simply loves to cook, Doña Elena’s Pure, Extra Virgin, and Pomace are conveniently available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L and 5L PET bottle sizes so you have all the options for every need and purpose. What makes the brand even more trustworthy is the fact that it is the number one brand, has a high turn over in supermarkets and groceries, so you are assured that each bottle you buy is exceptionally fresh.

It’s not as expensive as you think. Consumers are being intimidated by the stereotype of olive oil being pricey. However, Doña Elena Olive Oils have been with Filipinos for over a decade now, ensuring that consumers get their olive oils without overspending their monthly budget.  “If you can afford a daily cup of branded coffee once a week, why not set aside a budget for a bottle of Doña Elena Olive Oil as an investment for your health?” says Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager and Category Head for Oils Zen Prudentino.

The versatility of olive oil in cooking. Aside from all the health attributes and benefits mentioned, Doña Elena Olive oil is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of recipes which make it more perfect for everyday cooking. Just be sure to choose the right variety among the three Doña Elena Olive Oil to make the dish come out at its most flavorful and aromatic taste: Extra Virgin for salad dressing, bread dip, and to drizzle cooked food; Pure Olive Oil for sauté and frying; and Pomace both for frying and deep-frying.

The media were invited recently at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen to try out Executive Chef Erica Aquino’s Doña Elena Olive Oil Holiday Dishes that combines her favorite international cuisines and recipes with a taste of home. They've mentioned about the 3 variants of Doña Elena Olive Oils which are the Extra Virgin for salad dressing, bread dip, and to drizzle cooked food; Pure Olive Oil for sauté and frying; and Pomace both for frying and deep-frying.
49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s menu takes inspiration from its family’s collection of passed on recipes from generation to generation. Since they are a proud and satisfied user of Doña Elena Olive Oil, the country’s no. 1 great tasting, health-giving oil in the Philippines, 49-B Heirloom Kitchen will be having a Festive Flavors Holiday Menu for Doña Elena starting on Sunday, 20 November 2016 throughout January 17.

Diners who'll avail of this special menu will get the chance to receive special gift pack from Doña Elena and winners will be announced 4th week of January 2017 and will be announced on Doña Elena fan pages: @doñaelenacuisinera club on IG and FB.

Here are the 5 dishes we tried for the Festive Flavors Holiday Menu :

49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s Grilled Shrimp on Patacones is my favorite!
This is a South-American Inspired appetizer served with chilled cucumber yogurt soup to neutralize the palate and signify a delicious transition of the courses. The taste was similar to a "Turon". Patacones are fried Saba flattened to a chip then re-fried it with vanilla and Olive Oil. Topped with mayo and shrimp.
49-B Heirloom Kitchen Cuban Beef Stew with Yellow Rice served with a side of Black Beans and Fried Saba is a Latin-American inspired dish that heartily combines Mediterranean flavors
49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s Olive and Chorizo Stuffed Roast Chicken is a Mediterranean version for Thanksgiving centerpiece, using ingredients such as olive oil, olives,  spices, and chorizo. The sauce was superb.
49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s Tilapia Fillet with Red Onions and Relish is a harmonious fusion of South American and Mediterranean flavors, served perfectly with chimichurri and warm Greek orzo salad.
49-B Heirloom Kitchen’s Cheese Panna Cotta is a departure from the typical as its deliciously creamy and drizzled with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil with a zest of lemon topped with pistachios!

Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit www.flyacecorp.com.

Doña Elena Olive Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is the consistent no. 1 Olive Oil brand according to A.C. Nielsen. Available in three (3) variants, extra virgin, pure and pomace, which comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L glass bottles and 5L PET bottle sizes. For more tips, recipes and promos, visit Doña Elena page on Facebook and Instagram. 

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