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"Boar and Dog are victory star. Start everything in 2018 before February 4 because the year is for you. July 22 is extra special"
"The career for the Ox and Tiger are great but can be easily angered so should stay away from arguments."
"Peach Blossom Star shines for the Rabbits. Lucky signs for love are Tiger, Horse, Dog."
"Sheep and Monkey will still do great financially."
"In terms of money, the Lucky star shines the brightest for the Snake and Dragon."
"Dog should stay away from the Dragon and vice versa."
"The misfortune star is on the Rat sign. To balance this, one can donate blood, lend your time to a charity, sponsor medicine supplies to unfortunate people. Sort of buying the good luck ahead of time." 
"The illness star will hit the Rooster so be careful with the food that you'll eat. Stay away from raw dishes."
These are some of the important things I've learned during the recent intimate media gathering conducted by the ever beautiful Ms. Marites Allen of Frigga Charmed Life held at Marco Polo in Ortigas. 
Honestly, I cannot contain my excitement prior the event since I really find this practice amusing. I got to apply some rules in real life but only in moderation since I'm not a pro yet. You need to have Feng Shui to recognize what’s gonna happen. You know what I mean?
According to Ms. Allen, this ancient method can help improve your life significantly if done professionally. Of course, with the help of the Feng Shui Almanac 2018.
If there is a certain imbalance, you are letting all the negative energy to come in to your life.  However, if you know how to balance these energies, a greater positive force will come to stay as well. Most of the interior designers I know are also now practicing Feng Shui to achieve the perfect aligning of their client's your home or office with the various elements of the universe, creating harmony.
If you want to know more about your destiny and what good energy can bring us this 2018, register for the 13th Philippine Feng Shui Convention with Ms. Marites Allen happening this January 6, 2018 at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, so we can all welcome the positive energies that the Year of the Earth Dog can bring us. 

Hosted by the internationally certified and recognized Feng Shui master in the Philippines Ms. Marites Allen, the 2018 Feng Shui Convention promises to be more exciting and relevant as we all seek good fortune in the Year of the Dog. 
The Philippines only annual Feng Shui extravaganza this January 2018 falls right in an important day for gaining insightful knowledge, identifying great opportunities, meeting valuable friends while having fun. Great line up of food and refreshments will be offered courtesy of Marco Polo Ortigas plus a bonus of good entertainment to perk things up. 
With the expertise and experience of Ms. Marites Allen, you can now equip yourself with correct feng shui knowledge and actual tools that will attract good fortune while avoiding negativity in the coming year of the dog. 

Why YOU should attend the 2018 Feng Shui Convention: 
  • Understand if the energies will work against or for you. As we welcome the year of the earth dog this 2018 it is understandable that destiny will change. What worked for you in the year of the rooster may not be applicable for the new year. I Learning how to work around the different elements and their symbolisms is the best strategy to achieve improved luck and amass prosperity and happiness in the process for the year ahead.
  • Innovate to get things right. With each year, new techniques in feng shui are being taught that helped pave the path to good fortune. By combining the conventional practices in feng shui with the latest innovative concepts the chances in succeeding in your endeavors are greater than before. 
  • Attract auspicious energies. With 13 years of staging the only auspicious event annually, the 2018 Philippine Feng Shui Convention with Marites Allen have succeeded in forming a loyal community that returns each year. These amazing individuals believe that they can achieve and do more with each passing year. As the Philippine Feng Shui convention moves ahead each year, the list of testimonials from people is growing which goes to show that aspirations do come true. 

You are invited to attend and partake of the good fortune that the Year of the Earth Dog can bring us. Come and join us as we bring you all these in an engaging afternoon that will help guide you navigate life through 2018 with the courage and confidence of its ruling animal sign. 

It will be an excellent day to share everyone's positive energy and good fortune that will help us fulfill our aspirations for 2018. 

January 6, 2018 Saturday 
10:00 AM -3:00 PM 
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, 1600 Meralco Avenue, Pasig, NCR 1600 

Reserve your seats NOW for the 2018 Philippine Feng Shui Convention and avail of the Super Saver Rate. 
If you are in Metro Manila, call 0920-950-9390. 

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