Mommy Bloggers Philippines Celebrates Christmas In Bloom

6:47 PM
Although becoming a mom is considered to be the "world’s toughest job", still millions of women would accept this career wholeheartedly and without complaint.
Heroes, that's what mothers are. That's what we are. Always putting the needs of our families ahead of our own. Balancing kids, house, life, doing all these things on top of our day jobs. Our only break time is when the kids and the hubby are already in bed. That’s why mothers deserve nothing less than an actual day off or a moment away.
Traffic was terrible the day, making me want to tear my hair out already while I sit quietly at the backseat of the UBER car. In my head I was dreaming of becoming the FLASH - the TV series my kids love, so I could run and join the party. The distressing hours left me so drained both physically and mentally. But after the refreshing iced tea, extraordinary dishes and yummy cupcakes to boot, I felt like I was really spoiled even on a regular day. How can I still complain? I think it is acceptable to throw a Christmas party for mommies everyday!
Grateful to these 3 lovely ladies from Mommy Blogger Philippines (Mommy Lani, Mommy Louisa, Mommy Joy), making the day incredible despite the overcast situation.

Truly a fun day with other mommy bloggers celebrating life and Christmas over for great food, drinks, and conversation with similar interests. This one fine day actually made the moms happier and stress-free.
 Mommies showed a little TLC that day and wowed in dresses and heels, while I opted for a comfortable, yet girly outfit which I can move around in but also feel great in. Long and flowy with my white sneakers on. I was actually a lady that day and it felt good!
Although throwing a party can be overwhelmingly stressful, hosting at the perfect location can be fuss-free. The Vanilla Cupcake Cafe with elements of shabby chic style along Mother Ignacia in Quezon City is the right place (Martha Stewart level) to throw a beautiful and relaxing party for Mommies!

They've whipped up dishes like their creamy carbonara and fall off the bone baby back ribs that were spectacularly delicious. Also awesome raffle prizes were given out sponsored by so many generous brands like Pampers, Stratworks, Hotel Jen, Prettify, Lab46, Tailored with Love, Tiny Buds, Masflex, Nido 3+, Lorem Ipsum, Sanicare, Mirakel, Del Monte, Sanch Prints, Sweet Treats by Aci, Gree, Liese Blaune, Perceptions Inc.

I actually won 2 times in the raffle draw! Got a premium Yoga mat and organic baby health kit. I think the universe is wanting me to be fit this coming new year. And so I'll be!

You still looked gorgeous Mommy Serene kahit pikit hahah!

Congratulations, Mommy Joy!

My only regret however is missing out on all the opportunities and social bonding activities with other mommies during the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas parties occurred throughout the 3 years.

I often feel guilty when I spend time away from my children, either to attend events or having some time to myself. But I’m a far better mommy for my 3 because I’ve learned how to better take care of myself and manage my days. One can be a better mommy if we had even a single ounce of sanity left over at the end of the day, right?
But, thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines, for letting us catch our breath for a few hours and for the opportunity to cultivate friendships with other moms.

Until the next event!

Thank you, Mommy Berlin!



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