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Based On The Users.

Contrary to what others think, low-priced products can still be quality products. There were several instances that the expensive items I’ve bought either have broken down easily or did not actually work as I had initially hoped.
"You get what you pay for" are the words we often hear whenever we purchased something dirt-cheap. Most consumers would think that if they pay more for the items then it will have a better quality than with a lower price tag.

It is not always the case.

There are numerous familiar retailers nowadays that offer products that don't cost an arm and a leg.
But if you got the mama's keen eye and strong hunting skills, then you'll easily spot those budget-friendly stores around the metro.
Baseus is one of them and definitely a gold mine for tech people as they are offering reasonably priced tech items. If you've been to China, this particular store might be familiar to you.

I got so fortunate to attend the opening of its first flagship store here in the Philippines in time for Christmas. The brand from Shenzhen, China has won over consumers in 8 different countries such as Korea, Dubai and Australia with their innovative products.
Baseus, coming from the phrase ‘Based on User’ aims to focus on optimum user experience.
“Each product goes through different steps. From observing a consumer's daily life, creating innovative and patented designs, reasonable prices and even adjusting designs to fit each market in the world, Baseus ensures that the accessories make-each consumer’s life easier”, says Vivian Wang International Sales Manager from Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology.
Baseus’ product design has been awarded multiple times in the last years, boasting awards like the IF Design Award, an internationally recognized sign of design excellence.

With a strong, growing global presence, Baseus partners with Digits CEO Charles Pao, who is also behind Digital Walker, to reach Filipino consumers nationwide.
Starting with their first flagship store in Trinoma, they aim to open 10 stores per year in the country.

Among dozens of products in their stores, Baseus has many other products such as the car chargers, multi functional cables, car mounts, flash drives, wireless chargers, powerbank cases and the like.
Baseus takes accessories a higher notch by adding elements that enhance user experience such as the Backpack Power Bank Case which is the world's biggest powerbank case giving an iPhone7Plus /iPhone 8 Plus up to 4 charges.


This is waterproof case. P450



The first 100 customers during the opening availed the promo of purchasing the Backpack Power Bank Case (7.300 mAh) at P990 instead of its original price of P1390.

Find Baseus store located in Trinoma, Quezon City.

You can check out their Facebook page at for announcements and promotions.

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