#CanonxUberPH : Unlocking The Hidden Cities

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Uber and Canon has recently embarked on a partnership for a social media photography campaign that helps the consumers unlock the hidden gems in the cities. Using Uber data and technology, influencers were sent out to travel and capture the hidden places to discover them in their own unique style using canon mirror less cameras. Hence, unlocked by Uber, captured by Canon.
Hidden Cities is a regional campaign, that covers 5 cities including Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Jakarta with 3 influencers each with a total of 15 Instagram influencers, with 3 hidden places per city.

First stop was the Manila Central Post Office offers a majestic and classic architecture and is found between the Jones Bridge and Escolta along the Pasig river. Not many people has stepped into this place since the age of technology but it's nice to know that the government was able to preserve this structure ans still operates up until now.

Next was Bahay nakpil-Bautista, one of the richest and most hidden heritage sites in Manila. Once home to the revolutionary katipuneros, this historical treasure found in the heart of Quiapo offers you a glimpse into the lives of national heroes who have fought for the Philippine Independence during the Spanish era.

Last but not the least, the Puerta Real Gardens, which is an ancient garden within the historical stone walls of Intramuros, not only picturesque but qlso offers a sanctuary for those who are looking for greenery side of Manila.

If you haven't been to these places yet, try to explore these Hidden Gems in Manila hassle-free with Uber.
Uber invites you to unveil the beauty of the Metro, and to discover your own hidden gems, wherever it may be.
Capture the beauty of your favorite place and post it on Instagram with a short description of why you think this hidden gem deserves more attention.

Tag @Uber_phl and use #HiddenCitiesPH #CanonxuberPH

Find out more about #HiddenCities by checking out the images of Manila's Hidden destinations along with the stories they tell at www.uber.com/hidden-cities.

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