#WorldSleepDay | Improve Your Sleeping Pattern

Let's talk about preserving our well-being, mommies.
So, many of us forget how important the quality of sleep is. Since, we all lived pretty much fast-paced, hectic, dynamic lifestyles, hence, lack of sleep.
As a mother of 3, there are times...no...most of the time I get no sleep at all and it really affects my performance in my daily activities.
I realized I was less able to control my emotions since motherhood.
Sleep deprived person like me may actually feel not only depression, but could also experience hypertension, weight gain which I am experiencing now, immune system dysfunction, digestive problems, mood disorders, and so on. My hormones are leading to negativity due to sleeplessness.
Have you heard of Shift Work Disorder? That is said to be very common here in the Philippines caused by irregular sleeping patterns from nights shifts. We usually see this in call centers and of course, being a mommy blogger, as well.
Sleep is vital and did you know that an adult should be getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every single day to properly recharge? You could actually gain a lot from getting a good night's sleep like improve your memory, stronger heart and immune system, better concentration, and even weight loss!

So, what makes a good sleep? Here are some ways you could actually do to improve your sleeping pattern.

1. Refrain from using the bed for regular activities such as eating, working which I am doing exactly right now.
2. Avoid intake of caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.
3. Eating a light meal for dinner.
4. Limiting naps to not more than 45 minutes
5. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment like using a right mattress/bedding, keeping the room dark and well ventilated.

Thanks to Uratex, The Sleep Specialist and the leading manufacturer of innovative sleep solutions, as they partner with The Philippine Society of Sleep medicine for World Sleep Day ( March 16), encouraging education and promoting sleep-focused research. They have been proactive in furthering sleep education and awareness in the country.

Let us sleep in,moms!
Let us go to bed early andnd think about finding more ways to preserve our chances for a good night's sleep throughout the year.

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