First-time Travelers Share Learnings From Juan for Fun 2018

8:26 PM
There’s nothing like the feeling of travelling for the very first time – that strange mix of excitement, nervousness and curiosity, as you board the plane and fly off to your first adventure.
At the Juan for Fun 2018, three of the five winning teams experienced this amazing thrill as they fearlessly plunged into Cebu Pacific’s seven-day backpacking challenge.

Members of Team Kim, Team Nathan, and Team Ronil were all first-time flyers who were granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore some of Cebu Pacific’s most stunning destinations.

As beginner-level JUANderers, the participants admitted that they faced many unexpected challenges. However, they all agreed that these had made their experiences richer because of their new learnings.

From the obstacles that they hurdled, the groups all echoed an important formula for an ideal trip: proper planning, time-management, and budgeting.

However, aside from the practical tips they picked up, the winners learned a more valuable lesson through the program - the importance of responsible tourism and travelling with a purpose.

Through the Juan for Fun 2018, Cebu Pacific aimed to promote responsible tourism among the teams with the “Special Fun Challenge Booklet”, a varied to-do list with tasks advocating the cause such as eco-adventure and sustainable tourism activities.

For Team Ronil members Ronil Jr. Ferolino, Rose Ann Canoy, and Deofranco Mahinay, their fun-filled adventure was made even more special as they planted trees in Basco, Batanes.  On top of the sustainable tourism activities, the winners were also tasked to create a “Travel with a Purpose Video”.

While Team Kim’s Frances Kemble Banico, Loraine Filomeno, and Mark Lao swam Palawan’s clear blue waters, the purpose of travelling also became clear to them. According to the youngsters, travel helps people tune into the real world instead of being chained to the digital world as it encourages making face-to-face connections, taking in nature’s wonders and exploring the world.

As for the soon-to-be teachers from Baguio City, Team Nathan’s Jonathan Cuanso, Necho Inso and Kenny Galvan realized that travel is also a wonderful teacher. In their video, the boys shared that the educational value of travelling gives individuals a sympathetic understanding of the world which, in turn, helps them become better citizens of society.

This insight eventually won the team the Travel with a Purpose Award, which granted them round-trip tickets to any Cebu Pacific destination of their choice. 

“It’s [Juan for Fun] very up-raising kasi naka-open siya ng perspectives ko about caring for the environment, and ‘yung responsibilities mo as a traveller, na as a teacher na pwede mong ituro sa mga bata,” shared team leader, Jonathan Cuanso, on his Juan for Fun experience.

First-time journeys are often unforgettable and with the help of Cebu Pacific, these aspiring JUANderers discovered purposeful travelling and were given more meaningful memories to last a lifetime.

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