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There’s still have a lot more to learn when it comes to skincare, I believe. Since I’m too lazy to take care of my skin, it is lacking in moisture and has become sluggish over the years. Thankfully, I had a chance to attend Cetaphil’s long week event in SM Aura which focuses on healthy skin and how to achieve it. Some of the known skin experts from the blogging industry were there during the event, helping us learn so much about our own skin that we really didn't know.
It is all about prevention. Rowena Lim of Animetric’s World shared how she takes care of her skin — mostly about prevention during her 20s.
She explained further that one of the most important things one can do to protect the skin is to wear a sunscreen religiously. The UV rays can damage the skin’s elasticity and collagen which cause wrinkles and uneven texture. Those who wear sunscreen every single day tend to look much younger and flawless.
Ms. Joy of Teach With Joy, a mom of 5 (with 1 more on the way), tells us about teaching the kids to regularly take care of themselves so they will grow and have the skills. Having 5 and more children is no easy task. Wondering how the heck are you going to manage everyone—You just can’t. You cannot manage them all, win the battle, and stay sane. You make them responsible individuals and there would be peace. The only concern you will have now is  figuring out what to use on their skin. With so many products out there, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming.
It is vital to choose the best one for you. I used to be so careless in choosing a product for my skin, not thinking about the ingredients and the results before slathering them on. I keep on forgetting that I have super sensitive skin and can easily get allergies like Contact Dermititis. It is really best to find allergy-safe skin care products like Cetaphil.

Cetaphil has a long and proven record of providing skincare solutions with strong dermatological and medical heritage. It has received multiple awards along the way, as well as the collective affirmation and approval from beauty insiders and the healthcare community. Loved and prescribed by dermatologists and pediatricians.
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