Why #PerlaLove Is Pure

10:14 PM
The principle - taking care of the people - is paramount to the success to those who are in the medical field such as myself. This principle is the reason behind my initial career plan—becoming a Doctor of Medicine. The honor of being trusted with another human being's life, the patients give their trust to them, allowing them to know their most personal and intimate matters. Sort of a unique window into an individual’s existence.
Just like a mother to her children. A mother's nurture is the fuel for the soul. They let care overflow into their children's souls much like sunlight and water. Since they are being nurtured and cared for, they tend to grow and blossom into positive individuals.

Just like Perla. Pure and sensitive..sensitive to individuals like us. Ideal for the entire household as it Gives total peace of mind (and care for the skin).
They give out nothing but the best for the family. Perla is gentle and genuine, making it 100% safe on baby’s skin and clothes. No more need to worry about allergies and itch. Seeing your loved ones wearing clean clothes washed with a natural laundry soap like #Perla makes all of them feel loved. And research shows that wearing comfy and clean clothes can actually improve the state of mind.
And because it does not use any harsh chemicals, made only from pure coconut oil and other natural ingredients, it helps make the clothes to have better quality.
With Perla, there is always the feeling of unconditionally loving and never-ending commitment to care. #PerlaLove is pure.

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