Brownies Unlimited Celebrates #30YearsOfBrownies | Enjoy P30 Off!

Being a mom of three kids can be tough and draining and I feel like my responsibilities just keep piling on. It’s endless.
They say from time to time that there’s nothing wrong with channeling the inner kid as it can also be good for the heart. It can definitely help put things into perspective and constantly remind our #mombrain not to take life too seriously.

So, I got to channel my inner child the past weekend and was able to relax my #mombrain for a few hours when I joined Brownies Unlimited’s 30th birthday celebration held at the Mall Atrium of SM Mall Of Asia. I was a carefree parent having fun at the game booths, got creative making my own hat, while I decorate my own cupcake! Baking seems fun. Maybe I should buy my oven now and start baking again. My only regret? I did not bring Ayli with me. She is the brownie-lover among the 3. I also did the Ring Toss and Balloon Pop! 

Brownie lovers of all ages have enjoyed fun games and creative activities:

Looking back, Brownies Unlimited first opened as a corner counter in SM Makati on 1988.
They’ve sold brownies so good without compromising on the quality of the ingredients and
processes-- all while keeping prices surprisingly affordable! No wonder their customers keep
coming back for more. Today, they continue to grow with more branches and have opened their doors to franchising.

And as part of the celebration, you can get PHP 30 off from October 1 until November 15 for every PHP 200 worth of single-receipt purchase, perfect for stocking up on brownies this season! 
Now, If you’re in the mood for something new, Brownies Unlimited has launched Brownie Pizza in two fun flavors to try:
Ta-dah! Introducing Brownies unlimited’s Cosmic and Potato Chips & Chocolate! 
Starting October 5, you can score these delectable treats for only PHP30 per slice and PHP450 per box. You can also customize your Brownie Pizza with pictures and messages for PHP650 a box. 
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for their birthday on October 19 because Brownies Unlimited is offering their Box of 4 for only PHP 30! 
Tag everyone along and make sure not to miss out on this promo from 2:00PM-5:00PM on that
special day.

For more exciting promos and updates, follow @BrowniesUnlimited on Facebook and
Instagram and check out the hashtags #30YearsofBrownies and #BrowniesUnlimited. 

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