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Have you seen my post last year about the newly bought appliances for the new home?
Since Appliance reliability is incredibly important especially for moms, I conducted a survey first about the most reliable brands out there before buying anything for the house (and you should,too). You do not want to buy a super expensive home appliance just because you've seen it on TV and then have problems right away.
Survey has shown that 70% of the respondents agreed on the brand Sharp so I trusted my instinct and bought Sharp products like the Fully Automatic Washing Machine -- my ever reliable laundry partner for 2 years now in keeping our clothes clean, tear-free, and mold-free which can save up to 30% on water, and Sharp AQUOS TV because it was on Sale.
Treated the washing machine badly but still works like a dream. It fits in heaps, and spins clothes almost dry so they do not take long on the line. Products like this one are perfect for the on-the-go moms without any helper at home.

When shopping for appliances, it's okay to focus on immediate factors like style and performance, on how will it look inside the new house and all that. But you also need to consider how an appliance might hold up over time.
Sharp continuous to develop innovative products that are integrating, seamless, and efficient since the 80s.
As part of the brand’s firm commitment of introducing quality and innovation, Sharp launched revolutionary products last July 2, 2019 at Shangri-La Fort Grand Ballroom. These game-changer products are categorized in four sections: Entertainment, Business Solutions, Clean & Comfort and Health & Beauty.
During the launch, all of us witnessed an awe-inspiring display, which give the audience a REAL SHARP EXPERIENCE through the four unique viewing pavilions. Each product line has a dedicated booth to showcase featured products up-close and personal which was explained by their product specialist.

Entertainment Solution

Under the vision, Changing the World with 8K, 8K Technology pioneer, SHARP finally starts selling 8K LED TV for Filipino market.  Starting its 8K related R&D in 2009, the world’s first 8K display launched in 2011, consequently the world’s first 8K LED TV (1st generation) was launched in Japan, China, and Europe in 2017.  For the Filipino market, this will be SHARP 2nd generation 8K TV (8T-C80/70/60AX1). With this advanced technology, SPC surely retained its standing as the country’s most innovative appliance brand. With the 8K LED TV impressive features, the viewing experience of every Filipino household will surely level up. In fact, with the 8K AI Revelation Engine, the current contents are analyzed and up-converted up to 8K picture quality, resulting in clear, high definition videos.  It has SHARP’s original panel with IGZO, an extremely high resolution with around 33 million pixels, delivering crystal clear images.  AQUOS 8K LED TV has some success cases in Japan already to make society better to use in medical field, security and education field.  It is expected to enhance industry/business possibilities in Philippines as well.

Aside from their AQUOS 8K TV, Sharp proudly offers their newest audio category, which expands customers’ viewing experience. AQUOS Sound Partner offers you ear-free and hands-free personal audio.  SS1 is suitable for enjoying music while being alert of your surrounding and SX7 is to add some more immersive experience by acoustic vibration system.

Business Solutions

With the continuous evolution of technology, the need of upgrading the tools used in organization and enterprises should be considered. In fact, Sharp launches their new set of B2B AQUOS TV, which are perfect for signage in retail and product AVPs in the office.
Additionally, Sharp acquire Toshiba Dynabook and will finally be introduced in the Philippine market.
Professional LCD is also available in the following models:
All-in-one Display – A professional LCD display monitor with built-in SoC (system on a chip) technology for versatile digital signage solutions.
Videowall – A signage display monitor using SHARP Advanced UCCT (Universal Colour Calibration Technology) for superbly colour-accurate, dynamic video walls for inspiring signage. And more.
SHARP BIG PAD– An Interactive display monitor that can be a smart and a powerful partner to boost your collaboration in business meeting.
4K B2B AQUOS – A 4K resolution digital display monitor built for eye-catching signage.

Clean & Comfort

Filipinos really gives importance to hygiene and comfort at homes. The cleaner your house is, the better will be the kind of lifestyle that you get to spend. For this reason, SPC is showcasing the following products: Vacuum cleaner, AIoT J-Tech inverter, and PCI, which are recommended for homes, but also in hospitals, schools, offices and other industry.

Health & Beauty

SPC understands the ever-evolving consumers’ demands on health and beauty, thus offering customized products to meet their needs and objectives, providing fast, cost-effective solutions.

For health section, the Helsio Hotcook, the star of this station, focuses on health and convenience. SPC believes that healthy eating gives you much-needed energy all day, resulting to a more progressive lifestyle. Moreover, this promotes healthy cooking, which will surely help you on your food preparations.

Vacuum blender minimizes oxidation-retain vitamins and minerals of fruit and vegetables, making it perfect for health conscious Filipinos. Moreover, the steam water oven will also be available in local market.

For beauty section, Sharp introduced its new line up for beauty appliances: Hair Iron, Blower,  Curling Iron with a Plasmacluster feature that lessens the dirt and prevent hair damage. Scalp massager reduce the sebum that causes dry scalp.
Sharp Philippines believes in using its unique and innovative technology to contribute to the world at large. This philosophy is evident in the products that it releases – products that aim to make daily life as easy, as convenient, and as comfortable as possible. 

Sharp upholds QUALITY as the core of its business: not just in its products, but in the way each member of the Sharp family works. For Sharp, QUALITY means SINCERITY and CREATIVITY.

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