Open Access BPO Opens More Accessible Work Space For Employees

7:18 PM
During the last decade, the BPO sector in the Philippines has grown rather rapidly, which is the primary source of jobs for both graduates and college students.
We have become the go-to country as the Philippines is known to be the only English-speaking country in Asia, according to Open Access CEO Benjamin Davidowitz.
The Philippines has already established itself in terms of credibility. Although there were challenges in dealing with the government but agreements are often easier to handle here.
The Philippines is the field’s favored marketplace for BPO businesses, among other competitors, together with, India, China, Australia, and Ireland. The reason why Open Access BPO continuous to seek new prospects and have expanded to new and bigger work space.

Open Access BPO is much different from other BPO companies. You can spot people from Russia, from other parts of Africa, Japan, Korea, France and Germany joining the team as well. The multilingual opportunity they have envisioned is just tremendous. Consistently thinking ahead and addressing issues at hand.
Located at the Glorietta 2 Corporate Center, the 1,000-seat facility was established for complex business process management work.

The location is perfect in terms of geography and availability of transportation, easier for the employees to get to the office. And going downstairs, there's a mall. It just makes everything easier and a little more fun.

This is the firm's sixth international office, and its third in the Philippines. One local office is in Ayala Avenue, also in Makati, and soon launching at Open Access BPO Davao 17K all - in package including Free Maxicare Coverage. The firm's global offices are in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US, Taipei, Taiwan, and Xiamen, China.

Open Access BPO also unveiled its new logo, slogan, and website. These were redeveloped as part of a recent brand refresh, initiated to provide a better user experience to website visitors.
The website now features a streamlined design, and, along with the company logo, is now in blue to highlight the company as a trusted global brand.

The new slogan, "We speak your language," on the other hand, was chosen because it characterizes the company’s multilingual capability and the scalable nature of its services.

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