The SM Store Luggage Boy Bags WDSF Award!

6:49 PM
The SM Store sales associate Christian “Xian” Tecson was named 1st Runner- Up in the ‘World’s Best Sales Associate at a Department Store’ category during the recently concluded World Department Store Forum 2019 held at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.
Known as the SM’s Luggage Boy, Christian, or Xian to many, currently works as a Sales Associate under the Luggage Department of The SM Store Lipa.
He has attracted much attention by infusing creativity, fun and innate customer interface in his work with his gasp-out-loud technique in selling luggage. 

Xian does creative selling through info-tainment where he’s able to explain technical product features in the most entertaining and captivating way. What’s more interesting about his creative selling approach is the way he incorporates dance skills including his trademark “split” in his routine which is now known the “Zipper Dance”.

Last July 2018, he has gone viral in social media after one of his customers uploaded a video of him on Facebook while he explains and demonstrates the features and durability of the luggage he was vending that time. This was featured in different platforms including 4 local television networks, 9 local broadsheets and digital website pages. SM’s Luggage Boy went global as international broadcasts including Korea’s SBS News and Australia’s ABC News picked up his story.
Xian also became The SM Store’s Customer Service Rewards National Champion in 2018, a rewards program that aims to recognize all frontline service providers of The SM Store who consistently deliver exceptional shopping experience.

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