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Remember when you were a kid and enjoyed pretend playing at home or busied yourself with building blocks or coloring pages?
You might not know it back then, but such activities were helpful in tapping into your imagination and building your creative skills.
Now as a parent yourself, you can carefully observe that your children are growing with such excitement and curiosity to explore the world around them. Their childhood is the perfect time to encourage them to play and channel their own creativity by creating new things and ideas.

How playtime benefits your kids 
Whether it is spending time outdoors or staying cooped up inside and building a fort, intimate playtimes with your kids help expand their imagination and develop their creative thinking skills.

Playing outside enables them not only to meet new friends but also to improve their interpersonal skills and build their sense of self-confidence.

Likewise, making time to play with them at home develops your parent-child relationship and establishes a deeper sense of trust. It also gives you an opportunity to watch them grow and teach them admirable qualities such as perseverance, self-discipline, and leadership. Most importantly, playing creates irreplaceable moments of joy that your child will remember and treasure as they grow old.

Simple ways to boost your child’s creativity 
In an era where everything is digital, nothing beats personal playtime where kids get to interact with their parents or their friends. When at home, you can encourage role playing where they get to invent and act out scenarios in their minds. Stimulate their thinking skills by asking them questions such as ‘what if’ where they get to exercise their brains and think of millions of creative possibilities.
You can also bring out your craft materials and invite your kid to do art projects at home. It can be as simple as origami decors or painting your child’s room in bright and vibrant colors. Or you can take home Jack ‘n Jill Nips Fun Stacks and build a world out of their own creativity as they enjoy the candy-coated and rich-tasting chocolate treat.

It comes in a new colorful and stackable box packaging that makes it more exciting for your child to create building blocks, DIY home decors, or even table organizers and pencil holders at home.

With Nips Fun Stacks, you can certainly make every playtime colorful and extra creative for your kid. It is now available for only PXX (SRP) in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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  1. beneficial talaga playtime ng kids unlike sa gadgets kaya happy to read this kasi kasi wasn't able to check this out. Buying for my kids. Nakaktuwa talaga ang Nips now��


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