AIA Philam Life Med Assist for Children Is Now Available

Mothers are frontliners. Do you agree with me?

Despite the challenges mothers go through everyday, we still give the utmost care and support. No one works tirelessly everyday to support the family than a mother.

In my case, for example, not only I've been beating my brains out taking care of my kids' schooling but I make sure they all have savings account and education plans. Still considering other things to ensure their future though. Sobrang sakto kasi now I can truly be one step ahead of uncertainty with AIA Philam Life's Med-Assist for the future I’ve always dreamed of for my children.

During an afternoon tea with the Bolz, Nico and Solenn talked about their experience and thoughts on being first time parents toTiliBolzl, while AIA shared about how you can remain financially stable and resilient during uncertain times – very apt given the pandemic we’re in!

AIA Philam Life has been empowering Filipinos to achieve total wellness, one step at a time. Now they are giving everyone a choice to choose for a right plan for the little ones' health.

For most parents, getting medical insurance for their child rarely crosses their minds. The more pressing matter, especially for first time parents, are immediate physical needs. But the truth is, a child’s medical needs can be costly, and with 54% of health expenses coming from the household budget , this can be a burden to many. 

AIA Med-Assist for children is a variable life insurance plan with medical benefit rider designed to address medical expenses due to hospitalization of 0-17-year olds. 

Tennyson Paras, AIA Philam Life Head of Products shares the reason behind the development of this product: “We wanted a product that can give parents peace of mind in case of hospitalization. As a parent myself, I understand the additional burden that these unexpected medical expenses have on families. With AIA Med-Assist, they can simply focus on taking care of their children and recovery.”

AIA Med-Assist for children is based on the same product launched early this year, but this time with benefits available to 0-17-year olds which helps parents be one step ahead and protect their children and finances against health-related risks. It covers 90% of in-patient hospitalization and other medical expenses.

“Most parents will agree that the first five years is the most vulnerable age of children. As parents, we do everything we can to ensure they are healthy and provide their needs during this critical period in their lives. But no matter how prepared we are, we can’t avoid the trips to the Emergency Room and the hospital,” Paras added. Aside from hospitalization, the product also has a life insurance benefit and an investment fund that can help parents build their own medical fund in the future.

Getting Real With New Parents

To introduce the availability of AIA Med-Assist to children, AIA Philam Life sought the help of its Brand Ambassadors Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, joined by Cebu-based influencers Kryz and Slater Young, in a wacky live online talk show called Tea Time with the Bolzicos. Both couples are months-old parents who are now experiencing hands-on parenting during the pandemic. In the course of their discussion on the changes in their priorities and discovering the joys of parenthood, they talked about the importance of protecting their children against risks, especially during this time when health risks abound.

Reaffirming the AIA Philam Life Mission and Promise

“Making AIA Med-Assist available for children is another indication of our commitment to fulfill our mission of racing against risk to protect Filipino families from life’s uncertainties. We are one of the few insurance companies who make insurance products available to children, an age group whose protection needs are not given much attention. Through this product, parents are able to show their love and responsibility for their children. For us, it’s a way to bring to life our brand promise of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives,” said AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Ang. 

Know more about AIA Med-Assist for children by visiting the AIA Philam Life website at, Facebook page at, emailing or calling (02)8528-2000.   


  1. This is really very important na may health insurance din po ang ating mga kids Para secured po tayo if ever man mo magkasakit sila (pero wag naman Sana). Because mga kids po tlaga minsan hindi po natin maiiwasan na nagiging sakitin po sila. Kaya, super nice po etong IAI Philam Life MEd assist for kids 0-17 years old. Para secured po ang kids Pati rin po ang parents ☺️

  2. Sa panahom talaga natin ngayon kung kaya natin kuhaan ng insurance ang anak gawin na natin para sa kanila din naman po iting ginagawa natin sempre maganda sana kung buong pamilya muna din

  3. Sa panahom talaga natin ngayon kung kaya natin kuhaan ng insurance ang anak gawin na natin para sa kanila din naman po iting ginagawa natin sempre maganda sana kung buong pamilya muna din

  4. Napaka importante po sa atin na magkaroon ng insurance ang mga anak natin lalo na ang health insurance.. alam naman po natin na napakamahal magpagamot sa pilipinas kaya dapat magkaroon po talaga ng health insurance ang mga anak natin.. ❤


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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