Caring For You And Your Plants

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Since most people are working from home and staying indoors, keeping a clean, safe, and stress-free environment is a must.

As a result, people are finding more ways that will not only help maintain the zen and cleanliness at home but also contribute to one’s well being. Self-care is important more than ever especially to avoid any physical, mental, or spiritual burnout.

Nowadays, for example, more people are taking the time to establish and enjoy simple yet meaningful habits like owning plants. In a study made by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, taking care of greeneries is proven to help relieve stress, worry, and elevate mood. Taking care of plants is also a good way to keep in touch with the great outdoors by growing little bits and pieces of nature inside the household.

But in order for plants to successfully grow to help boost mood of the plant owners, the health of the owners should also be in-check to be able to take care of their plants properly. Keeping a clean and safe environment for both plants and owners is thus a must.

Here are a few plant-care tips and self-care reminders that one can embrace to ensure not just a healthy lifestyle but also a clean and healthy home environment:  

1. Breathe 

Breathing techniques are good and essential for the mind and body, but this wouldn’t be as effective when the air surrounding the house is polluted and has harmful toxins and allergens. With Samsung Digital Appliances’ 90 sqm Air Purifier, there is no need to worry because its multi-layered purification can keep the air at home pure and safe, even in large areas. It not only extracts the larger dust particles but it also removes the harmful gases through its Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter. It also has a HEPA Filtration feature that captures even the ultrafine-sized dust to completely inhibit bacterial growth.

Plants too are in need of that clean and humid air in order for them to thrive. This becomes possible with the 90 sqm Air Purifier’s 3 Way Air Flow which accelerates the distribution of clean air in multiple directions. Healthy growth of house plants is definitely guaranteed when there is pure air circulating all day. 

2. Give off good and positive energy 

Life likes throwing off negativity from time to time. It can just be ignored, but an even better way to take it in is just to accept that it’s there, although focus should be on finding the good. Good energy attracts positive energy. One way to maintain positive energy in the house is to keep the place clean and in order. Aside from having to constantly tidy up the place, being able to breathe clean air should also be a priority. 

For plants, positive energy means TLC from their owners. In a study performed by the Royal Horticultural, researchers discovered that talking to plants, reading to them, and cheering them on can help them grow faster. Aside from these simple acts of love, their surroundings should also have good airflow to avoid the browning and the crisping of their leaf edges. It’s a good thing that the 90 sqm Samsung Air Purifier can be remotely controlled. With simple touches on the SmartThings App, air quality can be instantly checked, and the device can be turned on and off even when one is away. This makes not just the plants happy, but also its homeowners.

Samsung Digital Appliances 90 sqm Air Purifier 

3. Find stability, and just relax 

A few minutes of meditation a day can make a huge difference in everyday life. It’s only natural for the mind to be busy and preoccupied with a lot of things, that’s why in order to stay grounded and to keep everything at peace, a few moments of soulful and mindful meditation is beneficial in keeping the mind, body, and breath united and in sync with one another. The 90 sqm Samsung Air Purifier’s Sleep Mode can create a soft and quiet airflow that is not just ideal for night time use but also very convenient during a slow and calm meditation session. 

For plants to prosper, they also need to have their own comfortable spot and stable environment. They should have slight exposure to the sun and consistent air humidity. The 90 sqm Air Purifier’s wide purification reach is just perfect in keeping them happy, healthy, and well-developed.

4. A little sun goes a long way 

Rays of sunlight might be the reason why sleep slumber gets interrupted, but there is no doubt that a little sun in the skin never hurt anyone. Aside from the 

fact that the sun is a natural source of Vitamin D and bone growth, it’s also known as a quick fix for those cranky moods. Moments spent sitting beside the windows while basking in some sun gives the mind vitality and energy, a sense of calmness, and focus. For sure, nothing could top the feeling of sun in the skin and pure clean air breeze. The 90 sqm Samsung Air Purifier’s Auto Mode senses the air pollution level and automatically adjusts the power and fan speed depending on the need. It doesn’t just save effort, it also reduces energy.  

The right amount of light is also what plants need to keep going. For them, light is their only source of food. It’s what strengthens them, nourishes them, and keeps them alive. Chasing the sun in a humid environment can be their own version of destressing, and letting loose while thinking of just happy thoughts. 

Self-care might not be as easy and light as taking care of greeneries, but just like with plants, there are good long-term effects on it. Look forward to greater days ahead with these simple ways, and with innovative appliances meant to make everyday lives better.  

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  1. Yes need talaga narin ang safety environment pati ang halaman ganon din Kaya agree ako sa mga tips nato

  2. Thank you for sharing some tips mommy.😊 Dpat po tlaga na maging healthy po tayo Para maging healthy din po ang ating mga alagang halaman indoor or outdoors man po eto.😊 The best din po na malinis ang ating paligid at make sure na healthy at clean ang air na ating nilalanghap. And super perfect sa panahon po ngayon ang air purifier NG Samsung. Because it cleanse the air we breathe and sure the healthy and safe po tayo. And if we buy air purifier may pa take home na either Samsung Steam Microwave Oven or a Galaxy M11 phone. Suoer great deals po tlaga so Hurry and get the best deals as this promo runs until September 30 only!😊

  3. Yes! Self-care is important to care our love ones and others thanks for sharing this mommy Erica this is a big help to all of us 👍😍❤

  4. Nice nman niyan air purifier ng samsung laking tulong tlga sa loob ng bahay pati sa plants

  5. We need this both lalo na po sa panahon natin ngaun.. ❤ kailangan natin ng fresh at safe na hangin sa loob ng bahay.. ❤

  6. Big help talaga ang purifier hindi lng sa mga tao ganun din sa mga halaman..


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