Meet the #MeatStack : More Meat. Less Marketing.

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Did you know that Subway is the largest single-brand restaurant chain, and the largest restaurant operator in the world?

As of October 2019, Subway has almost 41,600 locations in 100 more countries in the world.

Since 1965, the Subway restaurant chain continues to evolve the dining experience, offering customers quality ingredients, as well as robust flavor combinations while serving over 6 million made-to-order sandwiches created each day.

Now, if you are a fan of the mouth-watering quality sandwiches, you will sure be delighted to know that Subway is currently providing customers with a fully loaded meat stack sub that’s worth your every peso! 

Imagine layers of chicken strips, pepperoni, sliced chicken, and salami, this new Meat Stack sub is going to be the perfect choice for meat lovers or anyone with a hearty appetite to feast on. The offer started last October 5 and will be available until January 5, 2021.

However, this new menu came with a cost for the international submarine sandwich brand. Subway revealed that that they were "sandwiched" in their budget plans this year as they were left to choose between providing more meat to their subs or more budget for marketing.

For Subway, they decided to provide a hypervalue sub (which is a type of sandwich made from a cylindrical bread roll split lengthwise) with fresh meat and took the challenge of just having limited marketing budget. So, cheers to fellow sandwich fans of all ages.


Check out the 15-second long ad with viewer greetings stating that their "advertisement was made by an intern on budget". 

It then proceeded to show the process of how they created the ad using a software that is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Subway even disclosed that they didn't pay for a copywriter to make this happen. And added hashtags such as #LessMarketing4MoreMeat to get the message across of the slash in their marketing budget.


Subway sends a clear message and that is they’ve chosen to provide more budget to add more meat for their subs than their marketing campaigns. And they have thrown in a sweet deal of their delicious chocolate chip cookie for only Php20 as an add-on.

For dine-in and take-out, customers can choose between the 6-inch Ala Carte for Php165. Or opt for the 6-inch sub combo with a 16-oz drink for Php190. And if they really want to have the full and appetizing experience, customers can choose the Footlong Ala Carte which is Php320. 

Subway also offers customers the chance to taste their fully loaded menu at the comfort of their homes and offices with just a little add-on price for its delivery through the Grab and LalaFood App. And prices for delivery will vary depending on the customer’s location.

The 6-inch Ala Carte will be priced at Php 206.25. The 6-inch Combo sub with a 16-oz drink at Php237.50. The Footlong Ala Carte at Php400 and for the add-on chocolate chip cookie will cost Php25.

You can also check out their 250 Twin Deal which is a 6-inch Meat Stack Ala Carte plus a 6-inch Smoked Chicken for the price of Php250.


Subway is also enabling and practicing seamless transactions with their helpful chatbot “BOTTY” via messenger. Subway takes the frustration out of queuing for your meals and greatly reduces the waiting time.

It’s totally convenient and easy to use BOTTY via messenger as it works in 3-simple steps: Order, Pay, and Collect! 

Once customers have decided on what they’ll have, BOTTY via messenger will provide a summary of their orders and the total amount to pay. 

BOTTY via messenger will provide customers with an order number and will keep them updated on the status of their transaction. BOTTY will then alert them when their order is ready for pick-up. Just provide the payment and you are ready to go.


The New Meat Stack sub is only available for the 29 Subway branches in Luzon. Although Subway's branches at RCBC Plaza, Festival Mall, and Ayala Manila Bay are currently closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, if they can resume operations during the promo period. The Meat Stack sub will also be available at these branches

Find out where the closest Subway branch is to you with list of branches down below:


The campaign was inspired by existing and real problems of the advertising industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budget cuts for brands and agencies all year around are happening and can limit or put on hold multiple marketing campaigns.

But creativity has always been best exercised during a pinch. And since the Subway Meat Stack holds a lot of value in their meat. It was an interesting angle to ride out and actually mention: that Subway had put so much meat in the sub that they ran out of marketing budget.

For the campaign’s art direction, Subway wanted it to be "super lo-fi", a term for the music or sound where imperfections are deliberately shown. And this was applied as the campaign was done on a non-creative tool or a plain presentation software.

While Subway surely took the joke of using simple presentation software into ads. The campaign isn’t only for humor but also aims to touch on the situation that many advertising agencies are currently facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the result of the campaign has been clear that with its budget cuts, the true value of the product has been successfully portrayed. And even with limited resources, just by having a good advertising team with limited budgets doesn’t mean that they cannot come together to make a campaign that is both refreshing and fun.


  1. Wow Subway overloaded po sa mga ingredients at meats sarap po,♥️♥️ galing more meats less marketing

  2. Mouth watering po talaga ang sandwich ng subway...😍😍😍

  3. Wow talagang namang masarap si subway kahit hindi pa ako nakakatikim kada dadaan ako sa araneta cubao pauwi galing work naku dinadagsa sya


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