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Buying your own house can be a roller coaster ride for most --- indeed a stressful and long process.

I've seen and experienced it all. But you must also know how good it feels to finally sit down in your own house after relocating a gazillion times after getting married.

When we began the search in 2017, my husband and I underestimated the whole process. I was working with a person then who knew about real estate but that person's ideas weren't fully in accord with ours. So, we started over and my mom handled everything like a real pro. Well, that was the case long before "social distancing" became part of our everyday vocabulary.

Getting your own place in the middle of a global pandemic can be a lot more intimidating. Because of all the restrictions, it may be a little difficult to travel more often to view locations and houses here and there. When you’re functioning under less-than-normal conditions, finding the best partner to communicate with well and who understands you is more important than ever. Us, Filipinos, need efficient and hassle-free housing transactions, especially in this trying times. We deserve that.  

Launched in Singapore in 2016 and expanded into Malaysia in 2019, Ohmyhome kicks off its Philippine operations in 2020. Finally!

Ohmyhome is Singapore’s first one-stop-shop online platform that makes use of technology and innovation to make buying, selling, and renting homes seamless and more efficient. 

Chief Executive Officer Rhonda Wong, who co-founded Ohmyhome with sister and Chief Product Officer Race Wong, shares their vision for Ohmyhome: “Moving forward, we will continue our journey towards making Ohmyhome a global player in taking care of everyone’s housing journey starting with the buy, sell, and rent of homes to every step after including the renovation and maintenance of their homes. Today, Ohmyhome is an agent of change and innovation, but our methods and speed of transacting will be the norm in the future and we are excited for Filipinos to experience the difference in what Ohmyhome provides”

Rhonda and Race Wong established the proptech startup to streamline property transactions through a unique hybrid model, combining agent services with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform. Chief Product Officer Race Wong explains that “With the DIY platform, our objective is simple. By enabling property owners to take control of their own homes, they save time and money. And once a property is posted, our algorithm will match them with the buyers, so the more popular our platform, the more magic it does.”

Ohmyhome, after all, takes care of the customers’ entire transaction journey—from search and deal-closing all the way through to legal documentation and mortgage advisory. “And as a DIY platform,” Rhonda points out, “it is absolutely free to use. Ohmyhome does not charge customers for listing and for connecting them to buyers or sellers. It does not even charge a fee for successful transactions.”

Race Wong agrees, explaining that the DIY platform comes free because Ohmyhome wants speedy transactions to be affordable for everyone. 

Spurred by its success in Singapore and Malaysia, Ohmyhome expects to achieve the same feat as it brings advanced technological capabilities to the Philippine real estate industry. 

“Proprietary technology will definitely help make real estate transactions simpler, faster, and hassle-free for our clients in the Philippines,” Rhonda and Race say. “One way is by eliminating dummy and duplicate listings from Ohmyhome’s platform, accelerating the search process for Filipino customers.” 

However, both hasten to point out that agents are still relevant in the property market. This is especially true in the Philippines where people have deep sentimental attachments to their homes and ultimately seek a warm human touch when negotiating the sale of long-held properties.

Fortunately, the expertise of Ohmyhome’s highly professional Filipino agents will be complemented by proptech. As Rhonda and Race Wong explain it, technology enables the company to handle 90% of agents’ work such as sourcing for new leads, scheduling, and advertising, etc. “This helps them focus on the most crucial element of the job and what they love most--our customers.” 

As it happens, too, time is a precious commodity for Filipino customers who may have too many things on their plate. For them, nothing will trump Ohmyhome’s offering of a DIY platform and exceptional end-to-end services. 

With an eye on issues that define the Philippine real estate industry, Rhonda and Race Wong expect proptech start-up Ohmyhome to make great strides as they venture into the Philippine property market.


  1. Ohmyhome. Mas mabilis ka ng makahanap ng mga bahay na paupahan or gusto mong bilhin.thanks to this new app

  2. Wow galing naman nitong apps na to talaga masusunod ang gusto mo dahil diy sya

  3. Wow nice app po ito para sa mga gusto umupa o mg buy and sell ng bahay and less hassle n ang transaction dahil sa app n ito

  4. Wow the best po pala eto mommy OhmyHome because we can now search, buy and sell our properties. SUper convenient, hassle free at napaka easy po neto. And madami na din po gumagamit ng apps na eto dahil madali lang po sya gamitin and very affordable to everyone.😊


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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