BINI Beauty and Fashion Secrets Revealed!

11:40 AM

 If you're a certified BLOOM who still hasn't figured out what to check out this 7.7, then take inspiration from your idols' carts!

Whether you're looking for beauty essentials or trendy outfits, here are your favorite girls' Shopee staples: 

Stacey and Jhoanna’s secret to subtle everyday glam

BINI’s main rapper and lead dancer Stacey believes that false lashes are important in enhancing your overall look. Although this may seem minor, false lashes make a world of difference by framing your eyes and creating a polished appearance. 

To maintain beautiful lashes all day, the group’s leader Jhoanna recommends using long-lasting lash glue to keep your lashes looking perfect. Slay!

For Sheena, basic is best

Your wardrobe basics are more important than you give them credit for. Clothing items like a sleeveless or tube top can give you endless outfit combinations that are easy to style with just about anything. Whether you want to layer it with a jacket or use it as a base for your bold accessories, the possibilities are endless– or, you could confidently wear it as is, just like Sheena!

Strut your street style like Colet

A popular choice for style and practicality, BINI’s main vocalist, lead dancer, and lead rapper swears by a reliable denim piece. Whether it’s a jacket, skirt, or shorts, it can easily make you look sleek yet comfortable. Its duality allows you to go for an edgy look or a spruced-up dainty outfit! 

Gwen and Maloi’s ultimate statement piece

Much like your clothes, your eyewear will reflect your personality and style, adding a bit of oomph to your overall outfit–just like how Gwen embraces the cool girl aesthetic all year-round with her stylish sunnies and Maloi’s iconic bayonetta glasses!

Aiah’s winning combination

For a sharper look this season, vests can be your ultimate go-to. Vests provide an extra layer of warmth without the bulk of a full jacket and can be worn in various ways. Like Aiah, you can wear them on their own paired with well-fitted pants or over a plain shirt. 

The one thing Mikha will never skip

According to Mikha and the rest of the girls, a reliable makeup remover is a basic must-have. Even if you don’t wear as much makeup as the girls of BINI, making sure to take care of your skin by having a proper skincare routine will leave a more beautiful and radiant glow. When your skin is well-cleansed and cared for, you’ll have a smoother base for your makeup!

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