Protect your pets from the risks of changing weather with Igloo’s Pet Insure

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We’ve all been victims of the changing weather–where shifting from hot to cold leave us scrambling for comfort and protection and often challenges our immune system to keep up.

It’s the allergies, flu, and colds that catch us off guard.

But did you know that the same weather-related temperature changes pose challenges for our pets, too? Just like us, they can suffer from seasonal allergies, respiratory issues, and discomfort due to sudden shifts in temperature. It's important to be mindful of their needs and take steps to ensure their well-being during these unpredictable weather patterns.

So for pet parents who want to be on top of their pet’s comfort and health in these conditions, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Ensure that they have climate-appropriate shelter

Just like us, your pet needs to have a comfortable place to rest that suits the weather–warm and cozy during cold spells, and cool and shaded during hot days. Additionally, it's essential to ensure that your pets are well-suited to thrive in tropical climates like the Philippines as some breeds like dogs such as pugs and chow-chows are more prone to respiratory issues and heat strokes. 

Keep them well-fed and hydrated

Giving your pets a nutritious diet that supports their immune system can help them stay healthy and resilient against weather-related illnesses. And of course, never forget hydration. Keeping your pets well-hydrated during hot weather to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Exercise wisely

A pet’s health is also closely tied to how much exercise they can do regularly. However, it’s important to adjust exercise routines based on the weather–avoid intense activities during extreme heat or cold. A good rule of thumb is if it’s too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for their paws.

Stay on top of their grooming

Maintain regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition, which can help regulate their body temperature. Never shave your pet's coat too short, especially in hot weather, as it can expose their skin to sunburn and other risks.

Be vigilant for signs of health problems

Be vigilant for signs of allergies, such as excessive scratching or sneezing, and consult your vet if these symptoms appear. Specifically for the Philippines where most of the time it’s either hot or hotter, even when it's the rainy season, it’s important to know the symptoms of overheating in pets which include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, drooling, or increased heart and respiratory rate.

Consider investing in pet insurance

With the weather and temperatures constantly changing, it’s essential to have financial protection in place for unexpected veterinary expenses. 

Regional insurtech Igloo, understanding how important it is to keep your pets healthy and your finances secure, developed Pet Insure in partnership with Malayan Insurance and GCash. Pet Insure is a tailored non-life insurance product designed to safeguard the health of dogs, regardless of their breed. This product empowers dog parents to address their fur babies' needs comprehensively, from emergencies to accidents.

It provides a three-in-one coverage package, including medical reimbursement for veterinary care up to a maximum of P100,000, owner's liability coverage of up to P250,000, and a personal accident cover for dog owners worth P50,000. All of this is available for as low as P650 for a one-month coverage period through the GCash GInsure marketplace.

As responsible pet parents, it’s essential to keep on top of any changes in your pets' health and behavior, especially with weather changes. Being a little bit more vigilant and being prepared for any emergency can make a significant difference in keeping your furry friends healthy and happy all year round.

Learn more about Pet Insure

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