lyf Cebu City: Work and Play's Newest Address in Baseline Center, Cebu

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lyf Cebu City, the first international experience-led social living serviced residence in the heart of Cebu, invites professionals, digital nomads, and working travelers to experience the perfect blend of work and play in a culturally rich environment.

With its unique spaces and amenities, the property offers a haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, maintain productivity, and create lasting connections within a vibrant community.

“lyf Cebu City's international standard of serviced residence has the potential to ignite remarkable growth in the region. By offering a dynamic and inclusive environment, it encourages collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange.” said Cecille Teodoro, The Ascott Limited’s Cluster General Manager. “This property also adds significant value to Ascott’s already diverse portfolio, furthering our commitment to offering a comprehensive range of accommodations tailored to the evolving demands of today's business landscape in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.”

Cebu is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, and lyf Cebu City serves as a gateway to embracing the city's unique offerings. Situated at Baseline Cebu, not far from the city's capital, guests can be nestled in a dynamic urban setting, as this serviced residence seamlessly blends modern living with Cebu's rich cultural heritage. 

Baseline Center stands out as a strategic location for leisure and business or both, for several reasons. Its prime district positioning within a kilometer radius of top-notch universities, schools, hospitals, and commercial establishments ensures convenience for many facets of travel. 

Additionally, the development’s integration into the vibrant urban landscape of Cebu makes it an ideal destination for leisure travelers. With its mix-used development featuring sustainable, long-term office, residential, and recreational venues, guests can seamlessly transition between work and play. Its accessibility to main road points such as Osmena Blvd., Escario St., and Mango Avenue also adds to its appeal as a strategic hub for business travelers. 

Start your lyf Cebu City experience at the Say Hi check-in counter, where trained staff will warmly welcome guests and ensure a smooth and personalized check-in process. The team is committed to delivering exceptional service and assisting guests throughout their stay, whether through providing local recommendations, arranging transportation, or addressing any inquiries one may have.

The co-living spaces at lyf Cebu City have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the modern professional's needs. The Connect (Coworking Space and Communal Lounge) provides an inspiring atmosphere that allows professionals to have that extra push to complete every task or a private space for those looking to take meetings or simply work in peace. 

Once work for the day ends and it’s time to turn off the digital gadgets, lyf Cebu City’s other amenities are available to give the proper stress relief that guests yearn for following a long shift. Guests can channel their inner foodie and go on a culinary journey at the Bond (Social Kitchen), where they can unleash their creativity and cook extraordinary dishes.

Guests can also unwind and share stories with fellow professionals at the Hangout (Mezzanine). The area offers a space for professionals to tell relatable experiences since guests are surrounded by fellow hardworking individuals who can provide valuable insights or company to share a drink with while overlooking the breathtaking view of Cebu.

For those looking to work up a sweat and release some stress following a long day of work, they can do exactly that within the confines of lyf Cebu. At the Burn (Social Gym), guests can have easy access to a 24/7 fully equipped gym that can accommodate any guest’s fitness needs. 

Guests who prefer a more recreational and relaxing pastime can take advantage of the Dip (Dipping Pool). Take a refreshing dip in the pool’s crystal-clear waters, unwind on the comfortable loungers, or simply bask in the sun while enjoying the vibrant ambiance within lyf Cebu City while the city’s ever-changing skyline beats nearby.

"We invite everyone to come and experience lyf Cebu City, where work and play seamlessly intertwine in a culturally rich setting," encouraged Rey Vergel Mulat, lyf Champion (Residence Manager). "Step into our vibrant community, immerse yourself in the local culture, and create unforgettable memories. Our flexible and thoughtfully designed spaces provide the perfect balance between work and relaxation, allowing you to seamlessly transition between professional commitments and personal downtime. With our modern amenities, well-equipped workspaces, and vibrant communal areas, you'll find everything you need to stay productive and connected." 

lyf Cebu City is now open and ready to welcome guests seeking a culturally immersive and productive experience. Guests can now book their stay via this website.

For more information and updates about lyf Cebu, follow the official social media pages ( Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok )

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