ParenTIN.Tv I love my family! Valentine's event for moms

Last February 6, I love my family was held at the Podium mall.

Me and 2 other moms (mommy Michelle and mommy Cathy) were invited and given a chance to have a makeover and some pampering. staff told us that the letters submitted by our husbands were the most touching ones!
Voila! Do I look like Kim Chiu now? Or baka kim achoo!
I just want to thank these wonderful sponsors:
Makeup and hairstyle from David's salon
Clothes and shoes from BAYO
Beauty products from BELO ESSENTIALS

The event was serenaded by these wonderful singers, THE RAINMAKERS! I still love their version of Binibini. Originals are always the best.
Ms.Maribel Dionisio enlightened us the importance of emotional needs of women as well as men.
Dr. Ervin Facundo enlightened us the importance of stem cell,cordblood banking.
I missed the talk because David's was busy making us beautiful.
But I really wanted to know more about cord blood banking.
I have 3 kids and I only heard about this medicinal breakthrough just last year.
Ms. Rosell Velasco-Taberna was the co-host of ms. Tintin Babao.
Ms.Crystalle Henares, daughter of Dr.Vicky Belo discussed the importance of taking care of the skin properly. She talked about the advantages of using Belo essentials and Belo for men and women.
Anion baby with Ayen and Ayli and the kids during an  intermission dance,
Another intermission number from the teens :)
This was the end result of our mommy makeover :)
Didn't we look nice or what? Just perfect for valentines!
And the prizes, Ta-dah!
Gave my whole outfit to my Sis-in-Law.

Indeed, a very beautiful Sunday for me, for the moms , for the family and especially for my kids.
We always looked forward to special events like this wherein me and my kids (my husband was in Isabela that time)can have extra time with each other.
Cheers, and to you ms. TinTin Bersola-Babao, keep up the great work :)

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