Republika ng TM facebook adikktus clan par-tey!:)

Where : v8 baresto

When : Feb 19 2011 5pm till the break of dawn.
What : FACEBOOK ADDIKTUS CLAN PARTEY nonstop kantahan!
Food and drinks galore!

Organizer : Sheila Mari ganda Ardales

Good people these Repeblika ng TM admins :))

 Goodies from TM!

I think Tone and I got there at around 630 pm already.Tone was from Pampanga pa.
The call time really was 5pm. I called up Sheila before 5pm, she was still preparing so I thought it was ok for us to be late hehe.

With Tone

Our very own standee :))

Rolly " the pastor"haha

It's game time! Our  own version of pinoy henyo! 

The TM team!

Rolly & Jeziel

Resly &  Maya

Tone & I



Cathy & Christian won the pinoy henyo game:)

Tm admins raffled off TM  souvenirs like jackets, bags etc..
and I took home a nice jacket!

Thank you republika ng TM for a memorable night of singing, FOOD and new acquaintances :)


v8 baresto
Fil Oil Gas Station, Pasig Blvd., Pineda Pasig City
Opens from Sunday - Thurdsday 5:00pm - 2:00am
                  Friday - Saturday 5:00pm - 3:00am

5k room consumable

3k room

Very nice unique center table :)

Will visit again this place , before Sheila goes to HongKong.

See you soon :)

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