The ROCK IS back!

12:21 PM
It's been years since I last saw any of the wrestling matches, and seeing THE ROCK again on stage, hearing his ever famous "if ye smeeeeeelllelelelle what the rock is cookin' " just excites me!
Yes, you read that right, THE ROCK is back in WWE 2011, with a vengeance!

People's eyebrow

The rock bottom

People's elbow

And his biceps excites me!
Don't get me wrong , I'm not really into "macho" look (my hubby isn't macho at all haha) but there's something about Dwayne Douglas Johnson that's making me a constant fan.Not only good in wrestling but he is a good actor as well.

Appeared in movies such as Walking tall, The Game Plan, Race to witch mountain, Toothfairy, The other Guys, Faster and many more.
He was also featured in guiness book of world records for having the highest salary on his first starring role.
Nice eh?

Back in college, I used to watch , no, I was ADDICTED to WWF, Royal rumble, whatever you call it, and I used to play it on PS1 as well.
Now, after a decade, the WWE superstar is making a comeback! With even bigger biceps!
THE ROCK says! THE ROCK says!.. THE ROCK has a special message for WWE UNIVERSE!

These clips are just  ELECTRIFYING and HAIR RAISING and THE ROCK is just the greatest!

                                  "I am back in the middle of this ring because of you. Thank you, I love you and it is because of you that I am back in this ring. I give you my word, I am never, ever going away.." - THE ROCK is back :)

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