Visited Outback Steakhouse For Ayen's Recognition Celebration

9:44 PM
Finally, I got to use the 1500 worth of gift certificates I won from OUTBACK Steakhouse months ago from their Facebook contest.

Actually I've been a  "suki" to their fan page because they are the nicest!
Especially Ms.Vanessa Calimlim, the Marketing Manager.

Anyway, I was hoping they would still have their FAST LUNCH promo at 5pm.
I forgot that the fast lunch is only available from 12pm until 3 in the afternoon.The prices of the food are far more affordable than the regular price.

Take a peek to their Fast lunch Menu :
An affordable way(php 199) to treat your taste buds with the taste of heaven.

 My family's faves
Ribs on the Barbie

Seafood Linguini Marina

Spaghetti and wings combo
I forgot to take a photo of my mom's choice which was the Beef Tenderloin Tips in Red wine sauce! Yummy!

Thanks to ms. Vanessa, My kids' meals were free because of the JOEY CARDS she gave me. If you want to avail these cards, I think you have to buy it for 1000 gift coupon, which includes 1350 worth of food and drinks plus a Joey Fun card.
My Family really enjoyed our early dinner and I'm hoping to win more Gift Certificates in the future!
Ayen with Ahyi

Ayen with mommy Ana

Ayji with Dad


Despite having lots of absences in school because of frequent asthma attacks, Ayen managed to be part of the school's honor list.1st honor is not really bad, right? We're proud of you AYEN!
Thank you OUTBACK Steakhouse for making the day a truly memorable one!
Nice crew, Perfect ambiance! 5 Star rating for you!

Thank you for the take home!

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