When William Met Kate

Born January 9 1982 , Catherine Elizabeth Middleton  met William Arthur Philip Louis in Scotland where they were both studying history of art at the University of St. Andrews back in 2001.

Kate is 5 months older than William. William said that Kate made him laugh,she has a good sense of humor, which was good for him because he just lacks of it.
The two became good friends when living in shared housing in the University.

Kate helped William thru his academics, and Kate was his constant and supportive companion. The two continued to date for the next three years, and in November 2010, made history when they announced their engagement.
William had popped the question with Princess Diana's 18-carat sapphire engagement ring (a gift from Harry) and they got married April 29 2011 at the Westminster Abbey where the whole world watched and documented the event.
It is said to be the "Wedding of the century".
I can't contain the excitement the moment I saw Kate arrived the Westminster Abbey.She really was a blushing bride! Her gown  was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. It was combined with tradition and modernity and the train she was wearing was over six feet.

Kate really loves flowers.She suggested to have flowers embroidered all over her gown.
It was hand made by the Royal school of needlework. I think the tiara lent by the Queen was a very nice touch.

According to the official Royal Wedding website ,
"The dress is made with "ivory and white satin gazar. 
The skirt echoes an opening flower, with white satin gazar arches and pleats. 

The ivory satin bodice, which is narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips, draws on the Victorian tradition of corsetry and is a hallmark of Alexander McQueen's designs."

Kate's bridesmaid, her sister, Pippa

The gown, as well as the identity of the designer was kept top secret for the past 6 months. I love the way they kept it secret also from the Prince .
When I saw the face of Prince William when he saw Kate, I wanted to cry,haha. It was undeniably pure love. I even saw Prince Harry whispered to Prince William "Wait till you see her!" as she was walking down the isle.
Oh, in spite of royalty, Kate still managed to follow a wedding tradition (something old,new,borrowed and blue )

Something old: The bridal gown, from Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, featured “traditional Carrickmacross craftsmanship,” a lace technique that dates back to the 1800s.

Something new: Her parents gifted her a custom-made diamond oak-leaf earrings with a diamond-encrusted acorn set in the middle.

Something borrowed: Kate’s tiara, from the Queen

Something blue: A blue ribbon is sewn into the interior of her dress.

Anyway,more photos from the Westminster Abbey

My most favorite part of a wedding ceremony is when the groom finally sees her radiant bride. While most people are watching the bride make her grand entrance, I , on the other hand, look at the person waiting for her at the altar.
It's amazing to see his eyes lit up with immense joy and a little bit of nerves.
When Prince William finally laid his eyes on her, you can actually see him full of love and happiness! I even saw him saying "You look beautiful,babe!" to Princess Katherine.
The moment was perfect!
I miss my dad again, i wasn't able to experience how it was, to be able to walk down the isle with my Father. I was walking alone when i got married a few years ago.

On their way to Buckingham Palace for their wedding reception.

Their first wave as husband and wife

Their first kiss! as married couple!
 About 650 people attended at the reception in the Buckingham Palace.
Mixed kinds of canapes (or hors d'oeuvres) were served as appetizers.

These were all the canapes they had:
  • Cornish Crab Salad on Lemon Blini
  • Pressed Duck Terrine with Fruit Chutney
  • Roulade of Goats Cheese with Caramelised Walnuts
  • Assortment of Palmiers and Cheese Straws
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon Rose on Beetroot Blini
  • Miniature Watercress and Asparagus Tart
  • Poached Asparagus spears with Hollandaise Sauce for Dipping
  • Quails Eggs with Celery Salt
  • Scottish Langoustines with Lemon Mayonnaise Pressed Confit of Pork Belly with Crayfish and Crackling
  • Wild Mushroom and Celeriac Chausson
  • Bubble and Squeak with Confit Shoulder of Lamb
  • Grain Mustard and honey-glazed Chipolatas
  • Smoked Haddock Fishcake with Pea Guacamole
  • Miniature Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Fillet of Beef and Horseradish Mousse
  • Gateau Opera
  • Blood Orange Pate de Fruit
  • Raspberry Financier
  • Rhubarb Crème Brulee Tartlet
  • Passion Fruit Praline
  • White Chocolate Ganache Truffle
  • Milk Chocolate Praline with Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle
2 cakes are better than one! Prince William has chosen an old family favorite made of McVite’s Rich Tea biscuits and chocolate. He said, it reminded him of home.
Wherein Kate has chosen an elaborate multi-tiered wedding cake that will be decorated with fresh fruit and flowers.

At the reception , She wore another gown designed by Burton,  a strapless silk dress with an embroidered waistband, which she’s covered up with an elegant cashmere shrug.

She looks exquisitely stunning!!

Good health, Lots of babies!, more love, and a happy life for you both!
Fairytales do come true , If you have a great faith, nothing is impossible.

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