A Yummy Summer with Magnolia Ice Cream

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As someone who grew up in the 80s, I sometimes allow myself to indulge in nostalgia. 

 I remember feasting on the entire tub of Magnolia Ice Cream and boy, It made me sick!  Kept vomiting all over the place! Those were my crazy childhood days...

Whenever I have time to go to a supermarket (hubby usually do the groceries), I would go directly to frozen goodies section to check and hoping if they already have Mocha flavored Magnolia Ice Cream, THE original flavored mocha. Not the ones that tasted like chemicals.
The original tasted like the Magnolia Chocolait in bottles that were frozen and made into ice cream. Sadly, It's not available anymore.

Did you know that I never had a chance to visit the old Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor along New Manila when I was younger?
Poor me.
But then again, somehow, the place looked eerily familiar. Maybe dad brought us there, I will never know.
I promised to myself that if ever they will rebuild the building, I'll definitely make my kids experience "Heaven" on earth.

Last April 1, Magnolia Ice Cream invited Bloggers to their Summer Bloggers' Party held in San Miguel Corporation. I was lucky enough to be part of that event. Truly a Blast from the Past!
Me and my fellow blogger mommy friends were a bit late from the event because we couldn't find the entrance of the building! Silly us.

When we got there, The room was as bright as sunshine, you could almost taste the ocean. It really was summer-y!
Ms. Reeze Diaz hosted the evening, with her very summer-y hairdo.
Pilipinas Got Talent's The Velasco Brothers gave an  extremely shocking Performance in their opening number!
Sorry guys, you were amazing but I just couldn't stand those acrobatic thingy you did that night.
Reeze Diaz as the Host

The Velasco Brothers gave a very stupefying perfomance!

After being in hiatus  for almost 5 years, San Miguel Corporation relaunched Magnolia brand in the philippines.

Mr. Mayo Alcon, The General Manager of Magnolia, gave us insights and brief history of Magnolia Ice cream. I was attentively listening to every word he said because I was truly inspired by Magnolia's battles and achievements for the last decades.

I even asked him if he knew the first ever flavor released by Magnolia Ice cream back in 1920's. He just mentioned the the other flavors released in 2004.

Relaunched in its classic flavours: chocolate, strawberry, sweet corn, vanilla, ube and mango, as well as the addition of new variations that will include ripple and fruit bits, gold labels rocky road, cookies and cream, dulce de leche and double dutch.
I didn't post any photos of Mr. Mayo because he insisted he doesn't want any of his photos to be posted in any blog sites. Obedient child here!

If you want to know if an ice cream brand is good, taste their vanilla flavor.-Mayo Alcon

Magnolia Ice cream also launched their new yummy Frozen Delights!

My favorite of all,The Chocolate coated Ice Cream ON stick topped with rice crispies, 

Comes in 2 flavors : VANILLA CRISP & The super yummy SWEETCORN! (I used to eat first the chocolate and leave the vanilla for the finale!)

Flavors are : Cookie Craze & Cheezy Bliss!

Flavors are : Choco Cool & Orange Chill!


Flavors are :  Cool Bubblegum (Tastes like real bubblegum that will leave a blue color on tongue which makes it even more exciting!)
                    Cotton Candy (When i let my kids tasted this one, They began acting like crazy kids! They told me it tasted like a real cotton candy!)
                    Choco Loco

And the latest additon to their Frozen Delights is the SPINNER!
Comes in 2 flavors : Chocolate and Vanilla

In cooperation with the Province of Guimaras, Magnolia Ice cream releases a limited edition for summer flavor GUIMARAS MANGO FESTIVAL Ice Creams!

Catch the summer flavor waves of Mangga't Kasuy and Mangoes and Cream. Now available in the market until May 2011! Grab a tub now!

These are the new look of mobile vendors, by the way.

More fun activities and Games galore during the event!

Grabbed a handful of yummy Ice cream from Magnolia ladies
Magnolia gift certificates were raffled off at the event..
And guess what.? I got one!
Best summer outfit.
Other winners of the Best Summer outfit of the event:)

It was really a fun and yummy night for the bloggers!

Thanks Magnolia!
Till the next event!

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