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The very first time Gabriel Macht have enslaved my heart was in the movie Because I Said so back in 1997 as the debonair Johnny and with actresses Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton.
Portrayed a role of a single father and musician that made Mandy drool ( made me drool, lol! ) and swept her off her feet.
Have seen this about a hundred times and his impeccably gorgeous being has stayed with me definitely. So what makes him insanely irresistible and sexy as hell?

Drool alert!

I have no idea.
His good looks? Those eyes, god! Can you not faint just by staring at him with or without a suit? He should do the "Grey" thing! It's truly illegal and unacceptable to be that drop-dead gorgeous. I get it, he's in his mid 40s, SO WHAT? I would date gorgeous and funny middle-aged men in a heartbeat, lol ( basta , his name should start with Gabriel and ends with Macht) .

When I found out that he is Harvey Specter in Suits, my heart leap into my throat and attempted to watch it at the earliest but to no avail. My 3 kids occupy mostly my time and I lack time management skills. If you got lessons for me, that'll be great!
Fortunately, Harvey is now part of my "me time" nightly movie marathon.

Harvey specter, is ,considered by some, and as what he calls himself, the best "closer" in New York. He is a senior partner in Pearson Darby Specter and mentored by his managing partner Jessica Pearson. This sexy, witty, strong-willed graduate from Harvard law says what's on his mind all the time. He worked from the firm's mail room before graduating 5th from his class that quickly rose up the ranks. He is the boss of Mike Ross ( Patrick J Adams) , the associate and known as the best lawyer in the city , despite being a drop out and not actually having a Law degree. Advantages of watching this , well , it's good for the health honestly, especially the heart ( lol ) and becoming familiar with words like "Pro Bono" or  "Subpoena". I actually googled up those words. Sorry, didn't take the LSAT because I was on the medical field side. Those words are somewhat new to me.

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?

The hunky Mike Ross :)

Recently , it was ascertained that he is here in the Philippines (those eyes)and is visiting Yolanda victims in Ormoc City in Tacloban.  A true angel in disguise and a kindhearted soul.  Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez was all smiles in this photo probably because of his godly scent and the photo bombers at the back but seriously, don't they look good together? 

Eat your heart out ladies!

Now, I should stop this and continue with my "Suits marathon". Toodles!

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