Menarini's "Commit to Control PE" advocacy for couples launched at Edsa Shangri-La

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A week ago,I was given the chance to be part of an advocacy for couples by Menarini, the world's largest Italian bio-pharmaceutical company, that focuses primarily on promoting awareness on PE or Premature Ejaculation among Filipino couples.

 It didn't occur to me at first what the event was about really. The invitation only indicated about the launch for committing to control PE. I really thought it was a sporty-kind of an event, lol !
Before the talk, we were asked to wear one of these answering devices for a quick survey. 
You can actually answer questions like these that can be found on their website. 

In this first ever summit on Premature Ejaculation, the media and celebrity couples were free to  speak up on what they know about the topic , and offer insights, observations , ask questions and even eye-opening stories were put forward by the likes of Rj ledesma, the summit host ; Anthony Pangilinan and maricel laxa-Pangilinan , Paolo Abrera and wife Susie Entrata-Abrera , Regine Tolentino and hubby Lander Vera-Perez. Experts were there providing guidance and wisdom like the ever spontaneous Dr.Margie holmes, specializing in sex therapy ; Dr. Dennis Serrano , a urologist and men's health expert  ; Dr. Cay de Quiroz , a licensed physician and also the medical director of Menarini.

 Celebrity couples graced the event

 The power couple Susie and Paolo
 Summit host, RJ Ledesma
Yes, I believed that there is so little awareness for PE. As men tend to deny the condition and women would rather be quiet about it, no matter how dissatisfied they are in the bedroom. Some say that about 20% of relationships and marriages break down because of this situation. 1 out of 3 men suffered with sexual dysfunction.
But, what do we really know about PE?
Premature Ejaculation or PE is when a man ejaculates ( releasing of sperm and seminal fluid during intercourse ) with little sexual stimulation and before the man wants to. This can lead to a decrease in sexual satisfaction and quality of life for men and their partners. This is a common disorder in men and apparently can strike at any age starting from the legal age of 18, wherein they had their first sexual activity, up to 65 or if they can still do those "activities".
In this day and age, solutions to problems like these are now within our reach. Instead of denial , people can finally get help.

The "wonder" drug
Menarini will be launching soon DAPOXETINE , the first and only drug specifically designed and FDA-approved for the management of PE. This will increase the SEROTONIN level ( a neurotransmitter that is responsible for ejaculation ) therefore decreasing the ejaculation process. Serotonin used to be an anti-depressant.
This Short acting drug lasts for 1-3 hours , will delay ejaculation for 4- 5 minutes and is taken 1 to 3 hours before the intercourse. The effect also goes away once you're done with your "activities".
Side effects are very minimal but on the brighter side,you can have now a happier relationship with your partner without the worry of not satisfying them. This is not an over-the-counter drug and should ask first your physician regarding on how to take them. Each tablet is around 450. Will be available in drugstores this June 2014.

Premature Ejaculation is not just a physiological problem affecting men, it is an issue that affects relationships between partners , between husbands and wives. Stress ,  dissatisfaction , insecurity- the problem of PE affects many , and sadly behind closed doors ,  many choose to brush it away, when in fact , they can get help. This is one of the objectives of the event and like most things, awareness leads to understanding , understanding leads to acceptance. Eventually it won't be hard to seek help from doctors.

Meraniri is determined to bring to the forefront of our consciousness the issue of PE. The company set up a website that can guide a man - and his partner ,  in determining if he indeed suffers from this condition. the website helps a sufferer find the doctor for him , so that he can be treated eventually.
Visit for more information.

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