What He's Actually Thinking While You Walk Down The Aisle

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True story.
I was about to make a grand entrance and my heart literally looked like it was about to explode out of my chest.

In my mind I had vivid pictures of my soon-to-be-hubby -- teary eyed plus almost fainting due to brain hypoxia, lol. Seriously, it was, without a doubt, my most awaited moment in history.
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But that dreamwalkin' and daydreamin' came to an end when the parish priest insisted that we needed to see each other first at the entrance for our "Kumpil" ( second Sacrament which is called CONFIRMATION), otherwise, there won't be any wedding.
Legend has it that whenever a couple tries to marry without a "Kumpil" certificate beforehand..... well, actually, it's just one of the church's requirements. Make sure to arrange a schedule for your " kumpil" before the actual wedding day.

And so, here I go again.

My second attempt to a blissful walk down the aisle, without interruptions, without complications. The moment the church doors opened for me and saw the epic "I-don't-know-what-hit-me" face he was trying to pull, for the second time, I almost lost it. I-almost-lost-it.
Not that I was angry about something, okay? Kept on looking on my shoes, trying so hard not to laugh but my eyeballs were starting to jump out of their sockets. I blamed it on that tiny part of my frontal lobes that is likely the "clown" center of my brain.
"What in the world is he thinking? What is he thinking?" --these words repeatedly echoed in my mind as I look at him. But I was silently laughing all throughout.

That  incident opened up something exciting for me whenever I attend weddings. And no, I don't wait for the bride anymore.

So, what's on his mind?
Here's what I think..

"I wish they would show up right this very minute.."

" Just look on the bright side...Just look on the bright side.."

" Fast forward please, I got work to do!!"

" I am doomed.."

"Goodbye sexy body, hello DAD BOD!"

"Stop staring at me.. stop staring at me.. stop..oh God!"

"Will she ever .....?...Nah!"

"Why nooooow??"

" You made me do this, mom!!"

" I'm freakin' starvin'!!"

" I should start looking for a job ,fast! "

"Should've bought the other one!"

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm prefectly fine. Everything will be fine.."

" Think happy thoughts... Think happy thoughts,,"

"My forever TWD marathon buddy! "

"This is the end."

Marriage is a scary world for some , but we all know that..

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