Summer workshops for mommies like me

7:21 PM

Hey Moms!
You might want to join these upcoming workshops perfect for you and your kids this March , especially now that school year ends in two weeks for some of you.
Make sure to Sign up whenever possible to reserve a slot, otherwise you are passing up a chance for a wonderful event.
Such activities will not only help you acquire additional knowledge for future purposes but it will also be a perfect way to bond with the family in an exciting way.

I have been eyeing on events like " Make your own kiddie party " because honestly, having 3 kids and celebrating their special occasions like birthdays can be quite expensive.
Not that i'm complaining, it's fun stuff actually , but of course you need to get additional ideas and learn from the experts so you could handle everything on your own easily.
Your thing.
Your ideas.
Check out the list of some of the programs from Manila Workshops below.

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