A Goldi-Good Time at the Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day!

5:36 PM
For the past 50 years, Goldilocks bakeshop has been indelibly associated with fun, delight, celebrations, and of course, Pinoy culture.
During the recently concluded Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena Music Hall, all these notions came together in an afternoon filled with Filipino games and prizes.

Early in the day, registered Goldilocks Junior Club members received a free shirt, meals, and other freebies when they arrived. The festivities prompted curious onlookers to sign up for a membership and avail of its numerous perks. Event host and sports broadcasting personality Chiqui Reyes was on hand to make sure that the program went smoothly, providing fun and excitement for everyone.
A notable theme throughout the entire day was the emphasis on classic Filipino childhood games. Indeed, particpants and members of the audience were able to reconnect with their Filipino heritage through games like sipa, tumbang preso, and piko, which brought back fond memories of playing outside on the street with friends.
“At a time when most kids’ idea of fun is to be isolated in a virtual world of screens and games, Goldilocks wanted to remind them about the joy of group interaction and physical play,” noted Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya.
“These larong Pinoy form a delightful part of our Filipino customs, and today’s children will greatly benefit from learning them,” she added.
In addition to the classic Pinoy games, attendees were entertained by the Bearkada Bears, who had a dance number and a photo session with the crowd.  Members were also able to participate in a DYC (Decorate Your Cake) session, and join in on a traditional pabitin game with cool prizes and goodies.
The country’s number one bakeshop made sure that the Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day was a day to remember for everyone.
For more information about the Goldilocks Junior Club, log on to www.goldilocks.com.ph, or join the conversation through Facebook or Twitter via GoldilocksPH []

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