The Best Tasting Hawaiian Pizza in the Country

For most people, pizza is a reminder of a wider waistline. Pizza reminds me of happy times, specifically Hawaiian pizza. The need for that pizza has taken over my body and mind and I'm totally obsessed on digging my teeth into that complex symphony of texture.
Pizza gets the best of me. No matter how much I try to avoid the food for the gods, nothing will satisfy the taste buds until I make a bite into that best tasting snack.
So, I ask you this, what's your idea of the perfect Hawaiian pizza?
The regular ones only got pineapples, ham, cheese. Those are pretty much the basic ingredients of their Hawaiian pizza.
But in Greenwich, they are more than just that. They have what they called Hawaiian Overload topped with the juiciest pineapples, 2 types of the meatiest hams, yummy smokey bacon then loaded with Mozzarella and Cheddar with tons of green bell pepper for the added oomph. And no too oily!
The browning reaction and making everything on top fragile after the baking, leaving everything under all that extra soft and moist, the cheeses nice and stringy, making every bite monumental, hustling your brain's pleasure center into overdrive - The best!
Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload indeed is the best tasting snack, that truly makes for the perfect treat for your Pizza Party Day any day!

So obviously you get a sudden taste for Greenwich Hawaiian Overload?! Go get your phone up and dial Greenwich delivery at #55555 and get the deliciously different goodness delivered straight to your door!

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