Movies for MAY 2017 :)

Movies may have become increasingly important to me since the outset of this social isolation. I choose not to cry myself to sleep when unhappiness strikes. Instead, when life is unmanageable and rough,  I take a step back from reality by getting lost in a dreamy flick or two.
I love seeing movies to escape and detach, allowing myself a momentary reprieve from this so-called LIFE, to recharge my energy fully before heading back into the fray.
Going to movie theaters used to be the priority, but the comfort of my bed wins over movie theater seats. But it's always nice to see new movies from the big screen. And as always, I've rounded up the movies for this month. Although, in my viewpoint, these movies are kinda dull, still an exciting month for me. 
So, there. Enjoy the weekend!


MAY 10

MAY 17

MAY 24

MAY 31

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