FarralesxZalora Highlights Bel-Air's PASINAYA 2017 ; See Event Activities

On the occasion of Bel-Air’s 60th anniversary set on May 26 to 28, the Bel-Air Village Association (BAVA) will present Pasinaya 2017, featuring one of the highlights – a Farrales and Zalora.com collab dubbed as “Retrospective”, set on May 27, at the Solar Street Park in Bel-Air 3.

Farrales has had an illustrious career in fashion since his beginnings in the late ‘50s, being the first Filipino designer to present a fashion show at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in 1984. His timeless, classic designs have incorporated traditional Filipino materials such as inol, a traditional Muslim fabric found in Mindanao.

Zalora Philippines is one of the leading online fashion stores today, hosting hundreds of brands and products to make shopping online simpler and more convenient for busy Filipinos.
Both Farrales and Campos have been living in Bel-Air for more than 20 years and have been active within the community. Farrales, in particular, has lent his artistic talent in designing decorations for Pasinaya, Christmas celebrations, and other village events. He is also part of Pasinaya history by taking a major part in the first celebrations.

For our 60 years, they wanted the fashion show to be a ‘homecoming’ of sorts, something that not only showcases fashion trends but also Bel-Air, so we thought why not feature two big names in fashion that call Bel-Air home.
The fashion show best highlights the theme of Bel-Air at 60, showing that what makes the village shine is the people that comprise the community.
Bel-Air Village indeed has been home to some of the most creative people from different persuasions – art, design, literature, interior design, and many more.
And then there’s fashion – both couture and retail, especifically  Mang Ben Farrales, the Dean of Philippine Fashion, and Mr. Paolo Campos, the man behind the highly successful online fashion store Zalora.com

“Mang Ben designed the costumes for the first Pasinaya in ___. Amidst his very busy schedule, he always makes time for Bel-Air because he loves the community,” enthuses Malyne Lorayes, executive producer of Pasinaya 2017.
“The village has this established sense of community with many long-held traditions, such as the community fashion show every Pasinaya, that everyone participates in. We’re very honored to have these two brilliant minds from Bel-Air be featured.’’

Meanwhile, Campos is a second generation Bel-Air resident who came to the village with his parents Buddy and Bing Campos. He has been particularly involved in the community feeding programs of the parish church.

To watch out for during the fashion show are the classic artistry of the Dean of Philippine Fashion which plays with rich fabrics and beautiful silhouettes and showcases the designer’s Mindanao roots. Meanwhile, the Zalora collection will show fun, summery looks for men and women that highlight the latest trends.

“What unites these two fashion powerhouses, aside from the fact that they have considered Bel-Air their home for the past 20 years and more is the fact that they mix both innovation and classic elegance and style. 
Despite the different looks of the two names in fashion, both Farrales and Campos represent investment dressing,” states Ogee Atos, director of the “Retrospective” fashion show.

This year, the Pasinaya fashion show will feature young women from Bel-Air families such as Julia Javier, Sam Javier, and Anika Dy modeling the timeless creations of Farrales. Meanwhile, modeling some of Zalora’s coolest looks are faces such as Marco Abello, Ton Lichauco, and Daniel Cuajunco.

“What really makes Bel-Air special is the community we’ve built with one another. Unlike in many residential areas, we’ve kept our sense of wanting to get to know one another and getting involved. The fashion show is a great example of the Bel-Air spirit: all of us, no matter how famous we’ve become, coming together to put an incredible show,” explains Malyne.

PINASAYA 2017 activities : 
May 26, Friday - Free kalesa rides for children from 1 pm-5pm. Also Gabi ng Kasambahay at 7 pm featuring singer Jennie Garbriel. 

May 27- Marching band at 7 am and the opening ceremony for Pasinaya at 7:30 am. 
Free kalesa ride from 8 am-5 pm (with a lunch break at 12 noon). At 10 am children will also enjoy a special Children’s Treat with kiddie booths, mascots, and tectonics. 
Meanwhile, mommies will enjoy the Salu-Salong Agahan with Kusinerong Pinoy at 8:30 am. Comedians and singers AJ and Le Chaz will entertain Pasinaya guests at 12 noon. The kids can also get close and personal with their favorite characters with the Moana Bubble Show 2 pm and the Gimme 5 Musical Show at 2:30 pm. Games and fun prizes also await participants of the Bel-Air Challenge at 3:30 pm. 
At 5:30 pm, dance groups will groove their way to the grand prize of the Inter-Barangay Hip-Hop Dance Competition. The day will be culminated with the exclusive fashion show featuring the designs of Filipino fashion icon Ben Farrales and Zalora.com at 7:30 pm, followed by a band night at 8:30 pm.
May 28, Sunday - Free kalesa rides for kids from 8 am-5 pm (with a lunch break at 12 noon). At 9 am, there will be a Mass, including a flower offering to Mama Mary for kids and a blessing of pets. At 10 am, furry fashion reigns supreme with the Diamonds are… Fur-Ever, Doggie Fashion Show. Lunchtime entertainment at 12:30 pm will be provided by comediennes Boobay and Pepita. 
At 2 pm, exciting prizes are up for grabs with a raffle and the Pa-Bingo sa Bel-Air. At 7 pm, the Bel-Air community will gather together for special performances at the Pasinaya Velada followed by a performance by the Power House Band at 8:30 pm.

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