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Freedom gives birth to the privilege of having power. And with great power comes great responsibility.
Each and every one of us has the freedom and power to choose what we want to do with our lives. To break the chain of poverty, pursue education and knowledge, to be fair to others and do the right thing. The reason why "Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino" or ALIF is here, not only to help the country, but to prioritize the welfare of indigents and the marginalized sector of the society.
Some of their achievements include infrastructure development, better water facilities, and so on.

Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino (ALIF) is a partylist with the advocacy to preserving the heritage and culture of the indigenous sector. The nominees are Acmad Tomawis, Lorenzo Rellosa, Ismael Tomawis, Agakhan Tomawis.

They are devoted to serving Filipinos through providing livelihood programs and spreading technology and connectivity to far fetch areas.  ALIF also aspires to empower the Indigenous Sector and it’s families through providing access to government funds and programs geared towards preserving the heritage and culture by way of promoting sustainable livelihood programs that has socio-economic impact in their respective areas. They believe that the society we live in should value the dignity of every Filipino, guarantees of full respect for human rights, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. 

One of ALIF's advocacies is access to quality education because it extends boundaries of opportunities. ALIF is committed to making sure that all Filipinos have access to quality education. It's time we recognize that through education, we are shaping the generation of what they can become.

ALIF is also committed to advocating in

1. Accessibility of sustainable livelihood through proper 
education and training
2. Access to technology in all areas
3. Preservation and promotion of Philippine culture and 
heritage in the areas of tourism, agriculture, and care 
for the environment.

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  1. Ganda ng advocacy nila. More power po sa inyo naway madami pa kaung mtulungan.


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