Why Maine, Drew, And Nico #ChooseShell

I could not have said it any better, I agree to the fullest with what Maine, Drew, and Nico said about Shell.
Since Drew traveled a lot, Shell has been his brand each and every time he needs to gas up. It's easy to stop at Shell because you can find it everywhere. Maine has been a part of Shell since their family operates several Shell stations in Bulacan for almost 20 years now. Maine loves long drives to unwind without any destination, just like me. Nico would wake up at around 4 in the morning to go to their farm and his dad would always stop at a Shell branch because his father always believed in the brand.
His father even reminded him that even Nico represents the brand now, to make sure it goes beyond the business. he even mentioned that their 10-wheeler truck only uses Shell V-Power to not have downtime and affect the whole business hours. He also pointed out how he was impressed with Shell's various partnerships with Plastic Bank and its role in the Global Road Safety Partnership Philippines (PGRSP).

I believe this is the first time, if I'm not mistaken, that Shell tapped celebrities to represent the brand.  Shell has been really picky as to who they want to partner with. They are looking more for than just endorsers but BRAND AMBASSADORS who really invest in the brand and believe in the quality.
Shell chooses Maine Mendoza, Drew Arellano, Nico Bolzico as they believe Shell offers only world-class, high-quality fuels to help their customers make the most of their drive, the company is also committed to supporting several advocacy programs, such as road safety and environment sustainability.

Launched in 2018, all Shell Fuel now has DYNAFLEX Technology designed to help improve engine efficiency with friction reducing ingredients. When you work your engine, friction gets in the way. Shell Fuel Save saves the engine as it gets to do more with less.
Shell V-Power, on the other hand, has boosted DYNAFLEX Technoloy with 3x more cleaning molecules. Whatever fuel you use, the fuel deposits build up in time inside the engine, gets in the way of maximizing your fuel. This cleans away those deposits that will improve engine condition and maximize the energy of the main fuel.

“Shell has always been dedicated to ensuring that we have the best-fitting fuels range for motorists,” declared Mark Malabanan, Shell V-Power Brand Manager.

Now, it's time for me to pack and start the school break with a bang. My kids and I love to hit the road and see places via land since plane tickets cost a fortune nowadays. Driving not only allows my mom brain to relax and immerse in the journey as I view the greenery up close, we can explore delicious cuisines in different provinces. One can’t simply pass through stopovers without getting all those. Tee Hee!
I can't wait to spend hours inside the car with the kids to know them even more. Sayonara, gadgets! I'll make sure I only use the most trusted brand all over the world for my car because their fuel just got even better!

On its 105 years of partnering with the Philippines in nation-building, Shell continues to power progress through more and cleaner energy solutions that focus on delivering quality products while advocating safety and social responsibility.


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