The Best Mother's Day Gift

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If you’re a father with young kids, it can be difficult to come together and create the best Mother’s Day gift with your children. Sometimes, the most precious present you can give is a quiet afternoon and an easy, delicious meal to go along with it.
Quality Time at Home

Busy schedules can sometimes make it a challenge to spend time together. Mother’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to set aside life’s chaos and bond doing Mom’s favorite things. Keep the lunch plan simple by having a pizza delivered. Consider a dessert or cheesy side to round out the meal. The best pizza rewards program should allow you to add on extras and earn points toward your next order.

All the Little Touches

Even though you’re staying at home, there’s no reason to skimp on the celebration. Cards, decorations and home-made gifts can make the day even more special. When you’re ordering your pizza, consider a heart-shaped pizza and be sure you factor in Mom’s dietary needs with gluten free crust ingredients. If she likes extra cheese or light sauce, make it happen for her. Today’s the day she should get everything she wants.

A Meal With No Clean-Up

The best part of ordering in a pizza is the easy clean-up. Not only will no one have to slave over a stove, but neither Mom or Dad has to hunch over a sink to wash dishes. This frees up more time to do fun activities, such as board games or movie night. You’re able to focus on the things that really matter on this special day.

The special day is approaching fast, but it doesn’t take a complicated, time-consuming plan to honor the mother of your children. A pleasant day at home with a comforting pizza meal can be enough to make any mom happy. Don’t forget to consider her favorite toppings when you place your order.

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