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I can't believe it's already been a year since we took the plunge. Indeed our scariest and biggest decision ever.
Not to mention the most expensive. The whole 12 months of waiting prior to moving in to our new home was not all hearts and flowers. The transition did not run smoothly at all. But of course, before the investment turned into reality, somehow we already had a clear idea of our goals and risk tolerance. But as they say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. The biggest life changes happen when you decide to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone.
Of course, there's a difference between taking good risks and taking stupid ones. We already did the latter and took it really personally when we got rejected the first time. Instances like that can somehow change your life. You've become more prudent. And when the little ones turn into grownups, your needs change fast, so should your plan, especially your financial plan.
Now me and the hubby are trying to learn how to define the financial goals and priorities, and what to look out for as we invest since we always make terrible financial choices. And with the nation's tight economy -- rising prices in fuels, vegetables, and other necessary daily commodity, it is critical to use our purchasing power wisely in order for us to ensure that we have a budget that is enough for our daily expenses.
The reason why I joined the Praxis event a few weeks ago --To take and learn how to take charge  of our finances. Mind you, it was not dull at all. You know ---with a long power point presentation and all that. Our Praxis experience was one-of-a-kind. Let me tell you why.
As I've mentioned above, the world of money can be difficult to understand, but there is one activity that can serve as both an entertaining and learning experience to teach people how to effectively manage their money to prepare for their own financial freedom. This is aptly called Praxis.

Praxis was developed in Singapore, a financial literacy solution that focuses on enabling financial literacy and education through a Gameplay. This unique and effective engagement and learning tool is now being utilized in educational institutions, financial services companies, government organizations and other leading companies in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines with more coming soon.
I got the chance to experience the Praxis Gameplay and got a jumpstart in managing the personal finances through a fun and interactive learning experience that inspires people to take action at the newly built Praxis Financial Gym in Makati.

Praxis can be customized to its specific audience, whether for students as part of their class, for companies’ employee wellness programs, or for financial institutions’ recruitment and training sessions or for their sales and customer engagement.
Each Praxis Gameplay is facilitated by a certified Game Master directing its flow and announcing realistic “Breaking News” such as health scares, drastic changes in stock prices, and other news bits players need to make decision about their money.
Did you know I actually won second place? I was never a math person but I was second placer! How cool is that?
The net worth I got was $53, 350. I survived mostly on my hotel properties, retirement, insurance, and savings.
“We’d like more people to visit the Praxis Financial Gym to help in promoting financial literacy by letting them experience financial challenges and learn critical information that will help them fulfill their financial dreams,” says Mari-an Albert, Praxis Philippines CEO.

Mari-an believes that Praxis will help people in more ways than one. “Just like in a regular gym where customers can access trainers to guide them on their workouts, here, at the Praxis financial gym, licensed financial advisers can partner with Praxis to guide people and help master money. This gym tones your money muscles for life.”

Want to master money?

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