A Parent's Love is #ForeverLove

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I let the movie Riding In Cars with Boys play in the background as I check my email for work.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this film but no matter how many times I've watched it, I still cry a bit at the father-daughter end scene. Although there was a lot of negative reviews, this film made an impact and I can somehow relate (not about the drugs though) because of the similar backgrounds and parental beliefs. There was a connection to Beverly, relating to her thought processes and sympathized with how her life turned out. Truly an eye opener because it puts a spotlight to the imperfect and confused lives we recognize. 

"If only I hadn't gotten pregnant..."

Frankly speaking, having a kid at the tender age of 23 was not part of this timeline I had planned out for myself: college, go abroad, never get married, zero kids. The said timeline is actually the structure that the ladies in my family are expected to follow. But the universe laid out a completely different plan for me.

Plunging into parenthood and adulthood at almost the same time presented a wave of challenges, mostly financial, as my husband and I lived from paycheck to paycheck with almost no experience. Less financially prepared, the harder the struggle. But instead of wasting time feeling sorry for ourselves, we focused on our kids, kept our heads up and learned how to make ends meet, even when struggling.

Let your love live on. Start planning for your family’s future as early as now.

I was FINALLY able to use this one valuable lesson that my parents have passed on to me--to be one step ahead financially to avoid financial stress. I want my kids to have a secure tomorrow, by preparing against risks today. So we regularly contribute a small amount from his earnings and payment from my clients to their savings account for years now. It may seem small, but it often results in substantial financial amount. In this day and age, that's how to say “I love you!” to your loved ones in a different way. 

The movie Riding In Cars with Boys shows you the raw honesty of parental love and every choice made makes an impact. Glad I FINALLY listened to the importance of thinking ahead and preparing the family for life's uncertainties (especially financially). Indeed, a parent's love never ends. #ForeverLove

So, let your love last forever no matter what happens with AIA All-in-One. AIA All-In-One can help you build a lasting legacy and an emergency fund against life’s uncertainties.

Create a legacy for your loved ones with All-in-One 5/10-year pay, guaranteed to get its full coverage once your plan become active. Get access to emergency funds for critical illness, accidental deaths, and permanent disability. 

Serve as your lasting legacy

- Life insurance benefit for your loved ones of up to 5x the amount you paid

- 2x if death is due to an accident

- Pay for either 5 or 10 years

Be your safety net against life’s major risks

- Cash benefits in case of accident, disability, or critical illness (cancer, stroke, heart attack)

- Last year of premium payment is free

So, whatever happens, you're assured that your loved ones will receive the full legacy you planned for them. 

Preparing for the unexpected may not be easy, but it will be worth it, knowing that the most important people in our lives will forever feel our love and care even when we are no longer around.

With #AIAPhilamLife’s AIA AIO plan, build a legacy and a better future for your family with no worries.

For more information about AIA All-in-One, visit AIA Philam Life's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AIAPhilamLife/, website www.philamlife.com, email philamlife@aia.com, or call (02) 8528-2000.



  1. Maganda to pa lalo ngayon may pamilya na tayo need natin sila alalahanin para sa kinabukasan nila

  2. Must have po talaga mag invest para sa mga anak po natin para at isa sa mga investment na ito ang insurance po.. para in the future di po sila mahihirapan o mararanasan kung ano mga naranasan po natin..

  3. Mas maganda din po talaga na may emergency funds,matutulungan talaga tayo nitong AIA All in one insurance


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