Virtual Happy Hour #OnlyAtRoyce

Last October 23, 2020 Idea Zentral hosted its first-ever "Cocktails and Conversations" in partnership with Royce Hotel and Casino.

  Dubbed as, "Virtual Happy Hour #OnlyAtRoyce", the activity simulates physical happy hour that we all miss where friends gather, catch-up, eat and drink together!

Virtual guests were treated to sumptuous food from Amare by Chef Chris, a world-class Italian restaurant and Choi Garden Clark, a well-known Chinese restaurant, both situated inside Royce.  

Classic Italian Sausage, Salsiccia was at the center of the activity when guests were asked to cook and present their creations during the happy hour.  The creativity of the participants is showcased with how they prepared the Salsiccia sampler consisting of Traditionale - Amare's take on the classic Tuscan style pork sausage, Dolce - a light sweet and savory sausage inspired by how it's done in the Piemonte, and Picante - mild spicy sausage from like the ones in Calabria.  Loads of dumplings were shared by each one courtesy of Choi Garden Clark. From siomai, hakaw, siopao to chicken feet, it was truly a feast that everyone enjoyed!

And of course, a happy hour will not be complete without some drinks. Everyone was treated to a bottle of wine to share for the whole night of conversation, games, and fun!


Like all of us, Royce Hotel and Casino are continuously adapting and adjusting its processes to ensure the safety of everyone who visits the property.  Health protocols are in place and are strictly observed when you are in the property.  Aside from these, Royce also paves the way to keep us updated with what is happening via virtual activities. Indeed, a good way to keep in touch even when we are apart.  

There will be several other series of "Cocktails and Conversations" and until then, we say #CheersToRoyce! 

For updates on the property, simply like and share Royce’s official Facebook and Instagram Page @royceclarkph or visit

Idea Zentral Communications, Inc. is the official PR partner of Royce Hotel and Casino. FB IG idea.zentral.


  1. Wow mukhang masaya tong virtual happy hour nyo ma

  2. Ganda nmn nito ,super fun talaga ng virtual #onlyatroyce 😍

  3. Wow😍 1st Virtual Happy hour with your friends and fellow blogger.☺️ Napaka sosyal ng mga foods mommy ang Ganda ng plating nya. And aside of delicious food ofcourse di pwedeng mawala ang bottle of wine while having chit chat and fun games. Thanks to Royce Hotel and Casino for make it happen everyone had so much fun. It's really good to keep in touch with our friends despite of our busy schedule. ☺️ #CheerstoRoyce


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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