1Export changes the game with 25M in revenue, 8M worth of exports to North America

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One-stop end-to-end export platform 1Export is proud to announce that it has recently amassed P25 million in revenue, made possible by helping micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from the Philippines easily export their products to dozens of countries all over the world.

In fact, of the P25 million, approximately P8 million were from exports made to Seafood City, the Filipino supermarket chain that operates all over North America. 

At 1Export, the company aims to help MSMEs all over the Philippines compete on a world stage, as well as bring unprecedented opportunities to Filipinos both at home and abroad. Whether it’s a business looking to export beloved Filipino snacks or raw materials, 1Export looks to help enterprises by providing a solution that takes care of processes like documentation, labeling, order processing, and more. 

Helping out the export industry

Though MSMEs make up about 99% of all businesses in the Philippines and generate over half of total employment, many see business owners not as an opportunity but rather as a cumbersome process that isn’t worth it. A laundry list of requirements and old-fashioned processes give entrepreneurs the notion that they can’t succeed when it comes to exports. 

1Export uses technology to make documentation and processes easier, helping businesses stay compliant and up-to-date on the exporting requirements of various countries. Aside from taking care of the minute details of exporting, 1Export also offers exporting consultations and preliminary meetings for businesses looking to explore their options. 

1Export’s expertise on the exporting industry comes from the time they spent simply building their knowledge base. A lot of their first year of operations was dedicated to familiarizing themselves on the different requirements and processes in each market they entered, even if it meant they started out without first making any profit. In due time, however, 1Export quickly grew from just two employees to a cross-functional team of 26 people. 

Empowering the Filipino enterprise

So far, 1Export has exported Filipino products to 17 countries including but not limited to the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. There has also been interest from businesses in Russia and other countries in Europe to look for more Philippine products that they can bring into their local markets. 

In the US alone, products will be displayed in 15 different states through Seafood City.

 1Export’s work with Seafood City will even give Filipino MSMEs access to 80% of the US population, an unprecedented opportunity to enter one of the world’s most lucrative markets. Finally, Filipino MSME products will be displayed to 800 stores including major retailers and distributors around the world, both online and offline. 

Yet it isn’t just the business owners themselves who benefit from 1Export’s work. So far, 1Export has 450 supplier partners throughout the Philippines, all of whom employ about 5,000 people total and create job opportunities nationwide. 

“While we’re very proud of this economic milestone, we take most pride in what this means for hundreds of individual Filipino small businesses. They are now able to reach markets they previously did not have access to, giving them more customers, revenue, and growth at a time when they need it the most,” said Mel Nava, the founder and CEO of 1Export.

“Caravan by 1Export is our bid to lower the barrier of entry to entrepreneurship. Now you don’t need to source and import a myriad of Filipino products all on your own in order to get started. All you need is our platform and the desire to bring more homegrown Filipino products to your community,” said Nava.

All in all, 1Export represents a new opportunity for Filipino businesses to explore new horizons without fear. With the company having a track record of excellent service for its partners, working with 1Export isn’t just a great opportunity—it’s an absolute must for any business looking to become competitive in a world that’s more connected than ever.  


1Export Trade and Services is an online platform helping businesses export better. Founded in the Philippines in 2016, 1Export assists small and medium businesses with various country requirements (such as labeling, documentation, etc.) so that they could export to their desired countries, without losing focus from their core business. 1Export also connects small and medium businesses to distributors worldwide, assuring global purchasers of a roster of export-compliant suppliers.


  1. Big help sa mga gustong gawing bussines ang pag export 💟

  2. Nakakatuwa naman po itong may ari ng 1Export dahil tinutulungan niya ang ating mga negosyante na makapag export ng mga products nila all over the world.


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