Experience Tenya Lokal, A Farm to Table Japanese Menu to Help Local Farmers and Fisherfolk

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Me and the kids recently had a sumptuous feast from Japan’s #1 Tempura Tendon once again.

It's actually the delightful dishes that are part of the Tenya Lokal menu. Missing the weekend pleasures of pre-quarantine life, travelling to Tenya's branch near our house to experience a symphony of flavors Tenya generously provides. My family simply can’t imagine going without Japanese cuisine, let alone Tenya. 

And now they are doing their fair share in addressing an important issue the full industry is facing as the result of the pandemic. Our nation’s farmers and fisherfolk have been one of the hardest hit sectors, the reason why they seek out new ways to partner with local food producers in their restaurants in the Philippines, with the launch of their farm-to-table initiative, dubbed Tenya Lokal. Through this initiative, Tenya wishes to provide an immediate solution, who have experienced a sharp reduction in the sales of their products as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting Them Back on Their Feet

According to a study published in the Asian Journal Agriculture and Development, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the productivity of the agricultural industry throughout Southeast Asia, and in the Philippines in particular.

Because farmers and other food producers were forced to stay home and could not put out to sea or tend to their fields, production of important food items ground to a halt, especially during the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

This inability to work severely impacted the earning capacity of this vital segment of the national workforce, and it is this problem that Tenya has sought to resolve with Tenya Lokal.

With the launch of Tenya Lokal, the tempura tendon restaurant has provided a ready revenue stream for the nation’s farmers and fisherfolk, eliminating the middlemen and ensuring that only the highest quality produce arrives on diners’ plates.

Japanese Craftsmanship, Filipino Produce

“Tenya has selected the best of Filipino ingredients, and our Japanese chefs have treated them with care to prepare dishes that we’re sure our diners will love,” said Edmundo Ramos, General Manager of Tenya. “These are world-class dishes, made with produce from our own shores,” he added.

“This is our way of giving back to the communities of farmers and fisherfolk who have been our partners since we started out,” said Chukri Prieto, Tenya’s Managing Director. 

“We hope that in our own way, Tenya is able to help jumpstart the road to recovery for these people. We felt it was important to call attention to the pressing needs of our food producers. With our countrymen’s support, we can assure their livelihood,” he remarked.

Tenya Director of Operations Denise Ramos stressed the importance of this objective. “These people, our food producers, they do so much for all of us. We had to do our part and especially in 2020, we had to step up,” she said. 

“This has always been part of our core at Tenya,” she added.


An Ally Since the Start

Even at the beginning of the global outbreak in 2020, Tenya had sought to be an ally in the fight against it. By collaborating with strategic partners such as the Hands On Manila, Tenya has been able to provide aid and comfort to those who most needed it.
Health care workers and other frontliners have been treated to some of Tenya’s delicious Japanese dishes, to sustain them in their fight against the deadly disease.

The restaurant also offered a Buy One—Take One—Share One promotion during its TenYa Day celebration in 2020. For every meal diners paid for, they received another meal to share with a friend or loved one, and sponsored a meal for a medical front liner.

Tenya has also sponsored gift packages for beneficiaries of the Make a Wish Foundation, to ensure that every child’s dream comes true.

As Tenya aims to champion Japanese excellent craftsmanship, the brand has also made their menu affordable, perfect for young professionals and anybody craving for quality Japanese food. Their prices start at PHP 145 for their ramens, P165 for their donburi bowls and bento box ranging from P195 to P245.

The brand has also made their menu accessible to those who would like to enjoy their food in the comforts of their own homes. Tenya is now on Grabfood, Foodpanda and Pickaroo, you can also order through their FB messenger and webiste at www.tenya.com.ph. 

Now, with hope on the horizon in the fight against the coronavirus, Tenya seeks to uplift the agricultural and aquacultural industries, who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Visit their stores at SM Megamall, Market! Market!, SM Southmall, ASEANA City, Festival Mall, Paseo de Magallanes, Tiendesitas, Ayala Malls Circuit, and Timog Avenue.

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