Peri-Peri’s New Signature Peri Grupo Bundle Is Your New House Party Treat

4:50 PM
Dining at Peri-Peri just got more exciting and more satisfying with its Signature Peri Grupo Meal! Along with your favorite flavorful Peri-Peri treats, you also get P581 savings or 34% off in this bundle.
The Signature Peri Grupo Meal bundle lets you #exPERIenceflavors as it includes 1 Whole Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, cooked to perfection in Peri-Peri’s charcoal grill and you have a choice of either Classic or Picante for your preferred spiciness. 

In addition, enjoy 1 Carbonara with Bread Sticks to share with your friends or family and they’ll surely love you for this special treat. Grab a fresh Sebastian Salad for your green-fixins, 4 Java Rice to load up yournbellies, 4 regular sides of your choice, and 1.5L Coke for a refreshing finish.

The #SignaturePeriGrupo meal is good for up to 4 people and ideal for any celebration. Serve it on your next meal or your next party and delight on great memories at home made even better with Peri-Peri’s delectable eats.

Pick up your phones and dial their easy-to-remember hotline 7374-7374 (PERI-PERI) or visit to order. #PeriPeriOnTimeOrOnUs #LetYourFlavorAdventureBegin in Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Grill with more than 40 branches in Metro and Mega Manila. 

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  1. Ang Sarap naman may pa promo pa sila 💟

  2. Sulit at mura na po itong Peri bundle na ito. Nakakain na po kame dito at talagang di mapapahiya sa sarap.


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