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Have you ever wondered why you are not losing as much weight or you are still feeling lethargic even though you followed a health/diet plan religiously?

Too often, people see it as a troublesome chore. The constant tracking of calories and emphasis on what you aren’t allowed to eat is enough for many to give up on their fitness journey in a matter of weeks or even just days.

But you should also consider other factors that may be standing in the way of your goal, like depending on the food you are following from the meal plan. The success of your diet relies entirely upon your body and your nutrition coach. 

Exactly the internal purpose of existence of Kim King’s Kitchen's - changing people’s mindsets on healthy eating. Founded over a year ago by Kim King, who is a certified fasting and precision nutrition coach, skin and gut health specialist, and a UK accredited anti aging beauty nutritionist. Her very own wellness journey led her the discovery of the organic bone broth which she created in the comfort of her own home. Through her expertise, King wants people to know that healthy living is easily within reach.

Kim King’s Kitchen essentially promotes a fasting focused lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean depriving oneself of food. On the contrary, the Kim King’s Kitchen team wants people to eat when they’re hungry but to avoid snacking in between meals and/or eating simply because they’re bored. 

Despite being a new venture, Kim King’s Kitchen has won over the approval of a number of faithful clients, including actress/philanthropist Heart Evangelista-Escudero.  “I’ve been working with Kim for over a year now and she’s helped me become fit and healthy!” Evangelista-Escudero said. “And now I’m back to my weight when I was 21 years old! [With Kim King’s Kitchen] I’m really doing my body a favor by doing something that’s good for me.”

The company offers an array of healthy products such as their bone broth, which is beneficial for digestion and gut health. Other products from Kim King’s Kitchen include organic takes on favorites like kimchi and meat burger pattie. There are even healthy snacks like gluten and sugar-free donuts and cultured-probiotic cookies. 

What is Bone broth? It is made by simmering grass-fed animal bones to release minerals, collagen, and amino acids.
Collagen contains the amino acids glucosamine, proline, and glycine, which promote joint health while maintaining lean muscle mass. Bone Broth is also a source of protein and essential amino acids and minerals — which are lacking in many diets today.
By incorporating the gut health benefits of paleo eating with the metabolism-boosting effects of intermittent fasting and the collagen-rich nutrients of bone broth in a distinct system, it helps your body become stronger and healthier.

For those who want special help easing into a healthier lifestyle, Kim King’s Kitchen also offers personalized meal plans and even 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with Kim herself. In these sessions, Kim will work together with you to put together a bespoke nutrition and overall well-being plan good for 1 month.

“Look at how our ancestors ate,” King said. “They only ate when they were hungry but they also didn’t have to worry about dietary restrictions. Eating wasn’t stressful. We want to bring that back for people. We want people to enjoy the process of reaching their best, happiest and healthiest selves with mindful choices and healthy eating.”

The company’s belief in hassle-free healthy living even extends to the nutritionists they work with. Nutritionists over at Kim King’s Kitchen combine both Western and holistic approaches to dieting. This means they don’t even encourage calorie counting, which they believe puts unnecessary stress on the person and makes it harder to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Instead, they work to make the process enjoyable by focusing on mindful eating habits and supporting them with healthy food options. 

“We want to help people get in shape, heal their bodies, and become more vibrant,” said King.

At Kim King’s Kitchen, their product offerings want to make healthy living easy, delicious and accessible. For example, their broth lifestyle meal plan is put together by professional nutritionists & dietitians to make sure the food is just as tasty as it is healthy. The plan comes with 2 meals and a daily serving of 200ml broth that can serve as a meal replacement or as a snack, letting customers easily transform their eating habits without having to worry about meal prep themselves. There are also even organic-focused meal plans on their site that follow keto and plant-based diets.

Of course, Kim herself is proof of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. “Ever since I incorporated broth into my lifestyle, my skin and hair were noticeably healthier and my energy level was more stable,” she explained. “I really feel that I’m able to get more of the nutrients that you don’t get anymore with today’s processed food.”

Kim and her team have now served countless healthy meals, together with her signature bone broth, to athletes, celebrities, patients, and fitness consumers. Together with her team, Kim aims to eliminate the fuss and complexities often associated with becoming healthier. 

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