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A new feature on OMRON Healthcare Website developed by Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand 

Stroke remains one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines. In 2022 alone, there were more than 63,000 recorded cases of cerebrovascular diseases, including stroke, making them the third leading cause of death in the country, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. Filipinos are no stranger to stroke, and yet awareness about hypertension, a condition highly linked to stroke, is relatively low at only 52 percent. 

OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in trusted and innovative medical equipment, has been dedicated for more than 50 years to enabling people around the world including Filipinos manage hypertension (the Ist digital blood pressure launched by OMRON in 1973). Staying ahead of the curve in introducing ways of mitigating hypertension and preventing stroke, OMRON has recently introduced a new feature - the Stroke Risk Calculator on its website that will help individuals assess their risk of stroke in the next 5 to 10 years based on their eating habits, medical history, and current lifestyle. The tool also offers information about the top contributors to an individual’s stroke risk to help them make better choices and necessary lifestyle changes. 

The Stroke Risk Calculator is developed by the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, with the help of over 300 prominent stroke experts from 102 countries making it the project world's largest international collaborative mobile health initiative of its kind. It is also endorsed by the World Stroke Organization, World Heart Federation, European Stroke Association, World Federation of Neurology, Stroke Foundation, and International Association of Neurology and Epidemiology.

Monitor hypertension, mitigate stroke risks

Stroke happens when a part of the brain is no longer getting the blood and oxygen it needs due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels. This blockage is often caused by high blood pressure, which damages the arteries throughout the body. Undetected and untreated high blood pressure is one of the primary causes of stroke and other serious health problems.

Regular blood pressure monitoring is therefore very important. Having access to blood pressure monitors at home to regularly check one’s blood pressure and heart rate is a key factor in regulating hypertension and preventing complications. A study by OMRON found that hypertensive patients who regularly measure their blood pressure at home reduce their average BP readings by 10 mm HG (an internal study conducted by OMRON from November 2021 to October 2022). Using the OMRON connect app further helped patients closely monitor their heart activity and overall physical condition.

“Living a healthier and longer life starts with understanding our bodies, listening to what it needs and making choices to change for the better. As stroke remains to be one of the top enemies of Filipinos, people of all ages should assess their level of risk and start taking action to reduce their stroke risks. One of the most effective and simplest things to do now is to constantly measure and monitor one’s blood pressure, keep a record of their readings, and assess all factors that contribute to their readings. But don’t stop at that, change your lifestyle if you must and commit to healthy habits,” shared Philippine Society of Hypertension Vice President Dr. Alejandro Bimbo F. Diaz.

Calculate your stroke risk in 3 minutes

The Stroke Risk Calculator, developed by Professor Valery Feigin of Auckland University of Technology National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences, involved more than 300 renowned stroke experts from 102 countries. The calculator is the largest international collaborative mobile health project in the world and is endorsed by the World Stroke Organization and World Heart Federation, among many other global health organizations.

With the introduction of this Stroke Risk Calculator feature on its website, OMRON Healthcare takes another step towards reducing Filipinos’ risks of suffering a stroke much simpler. The confidential and free assessment tool comprises 21 questions and only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to finish. Guided by the American Framingham Heart Study, the questionnaire makes predictions depending on one’s habits pertaining to diet, drinking, and exercise as well as medical history such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. One’s age, ethnicity, sex, height and weight are likewise taken into consideration. 

“The introduction of the Stroke Risk Calculator online is in line with OMRON’s long-term vision of “Going For Zero” that aims at creating and shaping a better and healthier future for all via reducing cardiovascular events with the use of reliable medical devices and tools for preventive healthcare. With accuracy being part of OMRON’s legacy across all its devices, we made sure to consult national and international scientific forums to provide patients with the most reliable and accessible tool,” said OMRON Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Philippine Branch (Healthcare Division) General Manager - Yusuke Kato.

The Stroke Risk Calculator is accurate and backed by scientific studies, but doctor consultation is still important to assess one’s risks of developing heart diseases and suffering a stroke. Together with professional health advice, the information provided by the calculator points the individuals to the right direction to start addressing their personal health concerns and prevent the occurrence of a stroke.  

50 years and counting

Dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of regular blood pressure monitoring, OMRON first launched its first manual and manometer-type blood pressure monitor in 1973, a time when blood pressure readings could only be done in medical facilities. Since then, OMRON has produced more than 350 million units and provides and provides products and services in over 130 countries worldwide.

OMRON is a pioneer in the development of user-friendly, accurate, and innovative home devices and healthcare solutions that make managing health more accessible. Alongside providing home blood pressure monitors, tied to the company’s history is the mission of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular situations such as heart attack and stroke by providing innovative devices and services such as blood pressure monitor “Complete” that measures  blood pressure along with ECG at home. 

Don’t let stroke take over your life. Assess your stroke risk now through OMRON’s calculator at

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