From Busking Streets to Concert Grounds: Rekta Sa Kalye Music Festival Is A Movement You Shouldn’t Miss

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The unwavering support of Filipinos for the local underground music scene— from small gigs to concert grounds, has played a key factor in how OPM has proudly raised up-and-coming artists to the mainstream limelight. 

Thus, even the prominent OPM artists we knew had to start off someplace, with some of them performing in the shadows before they became household names in the industry. 

A moving narrative of triumph over hardship that links back to Rekta sa Kalye's humble beginning— a team of underground artists who built a movement out of a passion to support each other as underground local hip-hop performers.

Started as a small movement in 2017, Rekta sa Kalye established its humble beginning in the bustling streets of Edsa. Later on, the local movement grew throughout Metro Manila, from one point to another, establishing networks built on a shared interest in the underground hip-hop community. Thus, the growing connections continued beyond the bustling metro; RSK has further established itself strongly among artists from the surrounding regions. 

“It started out sa pag open ng mga streetwear, barber shops or ano mang businesses, then na-invite kami sa hydro manila, house manila and then barangay fiesta and bar events which inspired us to do event doing videos using phone,” shared by RSK founders. 

Aside from the busking streets, Rekta has explored all the fun sides of their humble beginnings. Who would have imagined that, with just a portable speaker, worn-out instruments, and a passionate performance from a group of underrated artists, Rekta sa Kalye would be able to sneak into train stations and perform? 

A movement pioneered by up-and-coming hip-hop artists who want to showcase their music to a wider audience and give the hip-hop scene the limelight it deserves. 

In case you didn’t know, Pinoy hip-hop sensation Al James, whose songs "Pahinga" and "Pa-Umaga" are staples of late-night parties, got his first exposures at Rekta sa Kalye’s busking sessions. To add, artists like Because, Just Hush, and Kiyo, to name a few, started out at Rekta sa Kalye as well and their subsequent success was largely attributable to those heady, carefree beginnings from sneaking to train stations and performing on streets. Even Hip-hop forerunner and rap legend Gloc9 has been there from the beginning of Rekta sa Kalye's journey too.

As these names are now raising the flags for the mainstream hip-hop music industry, RSK made sure that the performances they gave with then-underground artists Kiyo, Just Hush, Because, and Al James among others made their Rekta sa Kalye an experience they would always look back on. 

And now, the growing movement of Rekta sa Kalye has moved from the streets to a bigger platform— where a group of friends who started as buskers have dreamt bigger and are now working on a bigger initiative to reach more audience through music. 

Amping up the Kalye hype this upcoming November, Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival aims to bring together 30,000 attendees to revel in the fusion of Filipino Music— from mainstream, hip-hop, and up-and-coming artists.

Even from the outset, the mission of Rekta sa Kalye was to always guarantee that the music industry wouldn't settle on spotlighting just the mainstream artists. It’s part of RSK's initiative that the upcoming Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival will serve as a platform for both established and emerging names in the OPM scene to be able to share the same stage and showcase their talents equally. 

“We are hoping that we can always give the people the show they deserve, we want to make sure we stick with our vision to bridge the gap of hip-hop and rock and give the people that diversity and soul behind the movement,” emphasized by frontrunners behind RSK, Droppout, Mong Feliciano and Bertsan Balanay. 

Rekta sa Kalye is well-known for its artist curation as it strives to provide a diverse range of artists to its audience, including nostalgic, trendy, and institutional musicians. From underground musicians to well-known TikTok songs, this is an event for the youthful generation as well and the Titos and Titas of Manila can jam on. 

Bringing together elements of street life, music, fashion, and many more, Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival can bring you to your dream Saturday night for as low as PHP 688. 

What a dream music festival would it be to have the OPM OGs Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar, Mayonnaise, and Sandwich on one stage? And it's just getting started! A total of 30 artists will be performing on November 18 at CCP Concert Grounds for the Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival!

Anticipate the Rekta hype as the event also fronts the performances of December Avenue, Silent Sanctuary, Nobita, Dilaw, Lola Amour, Zild, Franco, Urbandub, Mira, and Dong Abay Music Organization. 

Of course, Rekta sa Kalye wants to make this upcoming November 18 a night to remember with performances by Rekta sa Kalye OGs Al James, Loonie, Just Hush, and Because. You might also sneak on the hip-hop fever from the performances of up-and-coming artists and underground performers  Allison Shore, Waiian, 1096 Gang, O$ide Mafia, YB Neet, Tu$ Brother$, and CK YG, Zae, and Madd Mark.

A special guest is awaiting you on the CPP Grounds too!

Another bang for this much-awaited music festival is the Hundred Percent x Rekta sa Kalye limited-edition Collaboration Sneakers which are currently up for grabs if you purchase a VIP ticket for the Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival at the Early Bird Price of PHP 4,388! 

For this steal price, you can get VIP access to see performers up close, The Hundred Percent x Rekta sa Kalye Collaboration Sneakers, Tote Bag, RSK Bandana, and Stickers.

You may save up to PHP 2,000 by availing of Rekta sa Kalye early bird prices, and that's only one perk! Early bird tickets are available now and may be purchased at  or by inquiring on the Official Rekta sa Kalye Facebook page. 

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