Flawless Face & Body Clinic continues to redefine personal success through the art of self-care

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There was a time when it was unthinkable for ordinary people to spend even half a day getting pampered; today, Flawless Face & Body Clinic stands strong on the principle of accessible beauty, cutting through the many misconceptions surrounding self-care.

In that regard, Flawless founder and CEO Rubby Sy is a pioneer. “I have always seen [self-care] as foundational to a person’s success in the world,” she says. “I believe in putting one’s best face forward, and that to achieve that is evenly split between what you put on and how you feel inside. And one always affects the other.”

In the two decades since Flawless built its first branch in the bustling halls of SM Megamall, Sy’s rose-colored empire has both shaped and evolved with the times—as much as its services have literally shaped and sculpted many satisfied customers. As the “Beauty BFF” of the Philippines, employs treatments and procedures backed by scientific research to ensure top results at a fraction of the average cost. “I did not have the same luxuries as my peers growing up, so I know the value of feeling your best,” recalls Sy. “I have gotten as far as I have because I did what I could for myself at the time. Now, I can rely on experts who care about what I want to achieve in terms of beauty. So my goal was to bring those experts to people like who I was while growing up—to help them start what I call their beauty [aspect of their self-care] journeys.”

Such journeys are best embarked on with someone you can trust, and Flawless is no stranger to holding Filipinos’ hands as they discover and uncover their unique beauty. But self-care varies from person to person, as the doctors and aesthetic experts at Flawless know all too well. “We know everyone has different goals, and more importantly, different needs,” adds Sy. “That’s why I insist that the consultations are free. You deserve to know where you are on your journey and to have access to that sort of expert-approved information.”

BFFs (the clinic’s in-term for customers) old and new can also kickstart their own journeys with 3+1 or 4+1 Medical and Non-medical Services Package, featuring Facials and Microdermabrasion services—including the ever-popular Clarifying Facial, Age Defy Facial, and Nano PowerPeel—available until the end of 2023. For November in particular, Flawless also highlights the follow-through aspect of self-care with their November Flash Sale:

50% off a second session with every session of Nano PowerPeel with Mask

50% off a second session with every session of Advanced Facial (Clarifying/Flawless White/Age Defy)

50% off a second session with every session of Shape & Sculpt

50% off a second session with every session of Cellutite

50% off on Accutite Nose

50% off on Laser Hair Removal

“Some might call what we offer ‘indulgent’, but I could not disagree more,” concludes the founder. “Joy is as essential to success as anything else, and anything we do to create the best version of ourselves gives us joy. I don’t think Flawless would be hitting a 22-year milestone if that were not true.”

Celebrate 22 years of beauty excellence and embark on the next chapter of your beauty journey; Flawless Clinic is still the Filipinas’ secret to timeless, accessible, and radiant confidence. Learn more via their website, Facebook page, Instagram, and TikTok.

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