Ideaspace Foundation Picks Six Startups For Annual Accelertor Program

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As it continues to foster innovation and empower technology-based startups, IdeaSpace Foundation, an MVP-backed accelerator, recently unveiled the six startups selected out of over a hundred applicants to join the next cohort of the flagship IdeaSpace Accelerator Program.

This milestone marked the 11th iteration of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program, underscoring its commitment to nurturing the growth of the startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

The primary goal of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program is to facilitate the swift expansion of promising technology-rooted startups. Functioning as a foundational support structure for emerging entrepreneurs, it operates on a hybrid model, providing participating startups a distinct opportunity to engage with investors, formulate business strategies, and glean insights from seasoned mentors and entrepreneurs.

 “We are thrilled to welcome our startups to Cohort 11 of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program. We are optimistic that the program will play a crucial role in your business's growth journey. The IdeaSpace team is fully committed to being your partner on this exciting path.” said Alwyn Rosel, the Head of Startup Development, as she welcomed the startups.

With the theme of "PROPE11ING Filipino startups" this year, IdeaSpace stayed committed to expediting the growth of high-potential technology-based startups in the Philippines. 

The six startups headlining Cohort 11 are:

Hey Roomie, a unique virtual community hub equipped with digital tools to empower anyone to supercharge the growth of their community. 

ITOOH Homestyle, a digital platform that aggregates the finest local furniture and art, bringing frictionless experience to online home shopping., a platform revolutionizing the connection between Kasambahays and homeowners, presenting a safer and smarter online avenue for direct interactions.

Kintab, a mobile car care platform designed to provide busy car owners with instant access to carwash and service center facilities, eliminating lines and saving valuable time. 

Kippap Education, an edtech startup focused on empowering civil engineering graduates preparing for their board exams, with a vision to cover all standardized exams in the Philippines.

Molinos de la Especia, a CPG provider revolutionizing the industry through a tech-driven marketplace for premium spices sourced globally.

“There are many opportunities that the program will give you. This year, we’re on the course of doubling our revenue, and it’s because of the program alone. This year, I also represented the Philippines in Washington, D.C., as part of the IdeaSpace program. Lastly, IdeaSpace Foundation invested in us, which was very significant for our startup. Thank you so much, IdeaSpace! “, said OJ Lopez, CEO and founder of Revastaff and an alumnus of the 10th cohort of the program, as he weighed in on how the accelerator program had helped amplify the startup.


“Ideaspace plays a crucial role in the Philippine startup ecosystem. We are, as someone said, “a bringer of new things.” We incubate startups and then launch them into the global space. We are a funnel for the entire ecosystem, and we are proud of all of our graduates. We have high hopes for your group as well.” said Butch Meily, the IdeaSpace and QBO President, as he emphasized the role the IdeaSpace Foundation plays in the country’s startup landscape.

The Philippines continues to establish its position as a notable destination for startups within the ASEAN region, witnessing substantial growth in its share of venture capital funding. Beyond enabling individual startups, IdeaSpace, through its programmatic arm, QBO Innovation Hub, is poised to further its commitment to foster synergies and propelling the Philippine startup ecosystem forward as it spearheads the highly-awaited Philippine Startup Week 2023 (PHSW23) this November—alongside the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

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