Why Choose Samsung Smart TV

I'm not really a techie something mommy, but an old-fashioned one. But when I saw this gadget, Man!
I was in awe. 

Omigosh! I was drooling, literally! Been wanting this for my house. There are lots of creative things i can do with a new Samsung Smart TV and I'm thinking about how to connect/bond with my family using this gadget.
  • TV plus INTERNET BROWSING and applications galore?? 
  • Are you kidding me? I heard that there are already 300 apps available on the TV and will be increasing by the end of this year! 
  • Hassle no more when it comes to downloading games for my hubby. Now, he will no longer want to stay outdoors with his brothers, thank you Samsung god! And what really amazes me is that my hubby can play his favorite games and I can watch my favorite soaps at the same time. No more world war. Sports galore on ESPN, videos on Youtube. Choices are just endless and because of the wideness of the screen , Mr. smartypants hubby can no longer hide anything from me, haha!
  • Can watch 3D in comfort and in style with my 3 kids! (goodbye to cheap 3D glasses, hello Stylish ones). No more long lines at the movie houses! No more screaming kids inside the cinemas! Now, my kids can relax and see their favorite movie in the comfort of our home! Tipid!
  • The SAMSUNG SMART TV will be the focal point of my small living room. Without any help from  mirrors, I can already make my small living room appear big just by using THE SAMSUNG SMART TV. With it's superb design and super narrow bezel,wow! I can now spice up my Living room! 
  • After being married to my husband for 7 years, we still fight a lot. I used to do something romantic for him using my laptop, but I was just trying too hard and it doesn't work on him. But by using the AllShare feature, I can do great things and make him swoon over me all over again!
  • I can use it as a teaching tool (like a blackboard) for my 3 kids. It will boost their appetite for learning when they see the cool features of the SMART TV!
There are number of ways on how to bond with the whole family just by using THE SAMSUNG SMART TV. You just need to know how to be creative and you're good to go!

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God Bless & Stay Safe!

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